Trying to find my way back…

Crisp morning...

Hiya Re-Tell luvlies!!! Don’t hate me dolls but please believe me when I tell you I’m trying to find my way back to blogging…hence the title of the post. Well 2012 has arrived and taken my life by a whirlwind. Now don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t see this as a bad thing, instead I’m seeing major opportunities for growth and big changes on the horizon. Just trying to embrace it all and prepare for what’s up next. 2012 has also brought me a 34th birthday year!! Yay!! Right along with other trials, tribs, and great moments. Stay tuned…

Autumn in Winter...

So here it is friggin February, these pics were taken in 2011, I’m just now using them for my first post of the new year!! Crazy right?! Truth is, I haven’t taken any pics at all in 2012!! Anyways there are a few goals I have in mind for myself this year and I’m on the right course to achieving them. 1st up is shopping in my closet for clothes. I’m officially on hiatus from clothes shopping until I drop some pounds. 2nd up is… drop some pounds! I started my work out regimen the day after my birthday (Jan. 19th) and I’ve been going strong ever since! Running season is upon us — hopefully I’ll see some results soon 🙂

Well I miss you guys and hope to be blogging regularly real SOON! If you don’t hear from me for yet another couple of weeks, don’t be alarmed!! I luv you guys and my blog so just be sure to visit again and check in periodically. Bare with me!! Until next time Re-Tell Chica’s!!


Scarf:  Target – Re-Tell:  $16.99

Furry gloves: Dots – Re-Tell:  $8

Wedge Boots:  Marshall’s – Re-Tell:  $159.99

Cropped Jean:  NY&Co. – See previous posts

Purple Converse shirt:  Target – Re-Tell:  $19.99

Green Jacket:  Goodwill – Re-Tell:  $4.95

Counting Down…

Lumber Jack Mack...

Happy Friday Re-Tell Luvlies!! It’s officially the weekend and the count down to 2012 has commenced! By midnight tomorrow we will be welcoming a new year, new challenges and changes!! I mentioned in a previous post that there were a few things on my list to achieve in 2012 and at the top is health and wellness. This year the gym hasn’t seen much of me but Chipotle and Jamba Juice have given me lifetime membership cards (ok, just kidding).  But seriously, I have to get back on the right track mentally and physically!!  Other goals include a career leap (notice I said leap and NOT jump) and sound financial investments for years to come. It’s definitely MY time yall!

I think I saw my blogger friend over at Curves and Confidence rock denim with a belt!...

Well today’s weather is definitely gloomy! I think snow showers are in the forecast for this evening and the temps are pretty mild so it’s highly likely that the snow will fall.  No plans for the evening with the exception of doing laundry — bringing in the new year “clean”! I sound like my mother right now — “bring in the new year with a clean house and clean undies”, now if you know my mom personally you know I’ve just given you the edited version! HA! Any major plans anyone?

The up-do...

Well today I decided to wear my hair up (pic taken today).  The pic I posted yesterday was actually from last week before I got my crochets put in.  I figured an up-do with my synthetic curls hanging was a perfect solution to my popped collars! Ha!  I’m also wearing some of my rose-gold jewelry I picked up from Nordstrom Rack during the “Day after Thanksgiving Sale”. I was able to get earrings and a link chain for the low low ($7.97)!! It matches my new watch that the BF gave me for Christmas perfectly!

The "deets"... I believe I left some of the string from the tag on the chain... oops!

Well guys I’ll check back in with ya tomorrow for my last post of 2011!!  I hate to see the holidays go but I am most excited for 2012.  On a last note, has anyone received their BDIB email yet?! I won’t spoil the surprise, but I will be participating and looking forward to the PrettyShinySparkly’s first link-up of the new year!! Until tomorrow…


GAP Denim Vest:  GAP — YEARS AGO!!

Plaid Button-Up:  Old Navy – Re-Tell:  $19.99

Green Cargo Pant:  The Limited – See previous posts

Belt:  Target – $16.99

Jewelry:  Nordstrom Rack – $7.97 clearance

Boots: – $44.99

All me…

Ready to end the week...

Hiya Fashionista’s, 2 more days until we wrap this year up!! I mentioned yesterday that I was excited for 2012 and ready for the next challenge in my life.  Any major plans for new year’s eve?! I NEVER go out on new year’s for some reason or another (ever since Y2K — don’t judge), I always bring in the new year with the “Twilight Zone” marathon on the Sci-fi channel! HA! I swear I’ve seen EVERY episode.  This year though I’ve decided to ring in the new year with family.  My fav cuzin Chollie is having a gathering at her home and I will be attending, I may dress for the occasion so I will take pics!

All smiles... just because!

So I’ve been trying to get off into wearing black a little more, but I’m sure by tomorrow that will change!  I was looking through my closet and of everything I own, black is not prominent in my wardrobe. I own one pair of black denim jeans ( I hate black denim so that’s ok), and a bout a gazillion pair of blue in different shades.  I copped the denim skinnies in the pics from Marshall’s for 16.99 and though they aren’t totally black (actually a blue-gray), I figured they could still be worn with black and the wash adds a little something extra!

Red, Leopard & Black... hell, why not?

Sooooo… why is my post titled “All me” if I’m talking about wearing black and new year’s eve gatherings?! Well if you haven’t noticed by now, I’m rocking my own hair for a change.  I have to shout out my stylist cause she has grown the ish out of my hair! The pics really do no justice as to how long it really is but the crochet and weaving has helped preserve my hair as well as add length.  My hair is very fine when straightened (blow dry, flat iron & press around the edges) and though it’s accustomed to lots of heat (20+ years of pressed hair) I want to concentrate on a hair regimen that adds thickness and less shedding since I’ve opted for less heat and more weave. Any suggestions??


Ok so I have Beyonce here because she inspired the red with leopard, I know you’ve guys have seen this pic floating around the internet and so I decided to do the inverse and don a black blazer with a red shirt instead.  I luv her jacket and actually Macy’s has a similar jacket in the INC department with the lapels, puffed shoulders and ruched sleeves but I decided against the purchase, maybe next year :-), when it goes on sale.  I’m not really a Bey fan as far as fashion but I think this one was cute/casual!  Check in with you guys tomorrow!!!


Mossimo Tuxedo Blazer:  Target – Re-Tell:  $19.99

Max Studio Booties: – Re-Tell:  $69.99

Belt:  Target – Re-Tell:  $16.99

Rocks & Indigo Jeggings:  Marshall’s – Re-Tell:  $16.99

Scarf (F21); T-shirt (Old Navy) – See previous post

Colder than a witch’s…


Hiya Fashionista’s!! Happy mid-week — Anyone on vacation at all? No vacation for me but luckily it’s kinda slow at work b/c everyone else is on vacation!! Anyways, 2012 is almost upon us and I’m excited about the changing of a new year. I’m looking forward to what 2012 has in store, not to mention my upcoming 34th birthday. I probably won’t do anything major (we’ll have to save the party for the 35th), but I’ll be greatful to at least see yet another year.

Black leather jacket + sheer shirt = bad choice in clothing for today's weather...

Speaking of change and another year, it’s that time yall!! Time to start thinking seriously about the new year’s resolutions and goals and sticking to them. I have a few myself that I’ll be sharing in the upcoming days, but for now I’m taking small steps. Starting with my blog, did you guys notice my slight change to the blog design?! I was thinking a “less is more” type of theme may work better and so I’ve opted for the white lines and a cleaner look.

Hang in here with me yall...

I also think that today’s post is a change of pace in terms of color!! I seldom wear black, I tend to lean toward the browns and nuetrals and of course dark denim.  Perhaps this new year will push me to push the envelope in my wardrobe, of course my budget would have to agree!!

At any rate, I apologize for the fuzzy pics, I’m still learning the settings for my camera and because I never take pics at night, there is a little learning gap here.  With daylight ending at 4:30 in the midwest, I’m forced to take pics in the dark!  Hang in there with me,  the pics should be better in the upcoming days!


Well it’s time for me to shut down and prepare for bed! I’ll be back tomorrow… Oh yea (sidebar), my sister is home from the U.K.!! Yay!! She’s such a sleepy head though, she’s in bed by 8pm (no fun!! ha!). Maybe, I can take pics of her newly acquired Euro-style!


Steve Madden Leather Jacket:  Nordstrom Rack – Re-Tell:  $149.00

Nine West Boots:  Nine West Outlet

NY&Co Jeans:  NY&Co – See previous post

INC blouse:  Macy’s – Orig: $49.50   Re-Tell:  $15.97

Trying to get over that hump…

Mirror shot!...

Hiya fashionista’s!!! Happy holidays!! I know I know–It’s been awhile since my last post however, my world has come full circle and I needed to step back from my beloved blog to sort and put some order to things that have transpired in my life as of late.  Hopefully in the upcoming days, I’ll be able to share most of these private issues with you guys but until then… Lea is back and happy to be blogging again!  I’ll be visiting blogs today to show some blogger love and see what you guys have been up to!

Full shot + Close-up

Sooooooooo… these shots are from the archives. I have taken a few pics recently and will share them in the upcoming days. I really wanted to do the “Twelve Days of Christmas” but just couldn’t find the time.  How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Any special plans for Christmas? Holiday Fashion Wishlist? What’s in store for 2012?!

Absolutely luv this Khaki Jacket!

On to the outfit… The khaki jacket is from The Limited, by now you guys already know that I’m notorious for buying multiples of one item. I also have this jacket in blue seen here.  The shirt which I absolutely luv is from Ann Taylor and I caught it on sale for $19.99. The belt and jeans are also from Target for 16.99 and $19.99 respectively.  I recall a few short posts ago that I was so over skinny jeans so on my hunt for bootcuts, I was able to cop these pair from Target.  I luv the wash on these jeans (the pictures do it no justice)  and I’ve gotten compliments the few times I’ve worn em!  Well guys its Friday and I’m off work early!! Whoo hoo! I’ll be sure to check in with you guys tomorrow!


Khaki  Belted Jacket:  The Limited – Orig:  $69.90   Re-Tell:  $29.99

Green Top w/Sparkle detail:  Ann Taylor – Re-Tell:  $29.99

Mossimo Denim Jeans:  Target – Orig:  $29.99   Re-Tell:  $19.99

Belt:  Target – Orig/Re-Tell:  $16.99

Sam & Libby Patent Leather Pumps:  DSW – $39.95

Flash 101 + Salt and Pepper + Winner…

Soft ligth w/o the flash...

Happy Friday Fashionista’s!!! Ready for the weekend?! No major plans over here, I’m in the revision stage of my project so I’ll be working that ALL weekend long, it’s slowly coming along and the more it progresses the prouder I become. It’s super crunch time, the holidays are here, the semester is almost over and I’ll be standing before the committee in no time. I’m almost there guys!

Flash 101...

On to today’s post… we set our clocks back last weekend and now it’s super dark super early! I’m at work late (after 5pm most nights) and with the weather conditions this week, there was absolutely no sunlight to take pics. Experimenting with the Flash and other settings, Dr. Dee, my “at work” photographer (in case you guys didn’t know), took these pics using the natural light in the building as well as the flash. Tell me what you guys think!

Side-by-Side Pics...

While I would have to agree with Dr. Dee, the flash does show the true texture and colors of the outfit, I hate that it shines my forehead and face though. Not a big deal but I’m going to continue experimenting until I’m completely satisfied. On to the randomness, is anybody tuning into this season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA)? Call me what you’d like BUT I’m already enjoying the messiness, Phaedra is my new favorite and NeNe’s rich @$$ is irritating me already! Ha! And to add to all of this, I can’t wait for Love & Hip Hop to premier on Monday!


Continuing with my rambling, “Salt-and-Pepper” which I will call him (due to his hair color), recently (3 weeks ago) celebrated his birthday.  He swore I’d never get a pic of him (not clowning around!), let alone post it to my blog–HA HA! Well, I was able to snap this pic his b-day weekend and would have posted it then, however my “Master’s hiatus” occurred and well you know the rest. At any rate, for the “inquiring minds”, this is the boyfriend with whom I share living quarters, he is referred to as “butter”, “clown face” or “the dee-jay” depending on the day or hour…lol!

And now for the winner…. DRUM ROLL

That would be Ms. Charlene!!

Thanks to all who participated! Names were listed in the order they were posted and the number was chosen by Charlene, send a pic if you’d like, so we can see how you rock the items — Enjoy, hope you like them!! Until next time yall!


Burgandy Blazer:  Thrifted – Orig/Re-Tell:  $4.99

Shirt:  Target – Orig/Re-Tell:  $29.99

Pant:  Target – See here

Shoes:  Nine West  – Seen here and here


It's Here...It's Here...It's Here

Hiya Fashionista’s!!! The 100th post giveaway is finally here.  I pulled an outfit pic from the “Archives”, it’s so dark, gloomy and rainy here in Chi city I figured my sun colored dress + the 100th post giveaway should brighten someone’s day! The dress was sent from my sister who now lives in the U.K. It’s from a store called Primark and cost her a whopping £15. Not to bore you with the details of the dress – let’s get to the good stuff!

Vintage Gap: Sweater (Leather Front) with Leather Handbag!

One lucky winner will be sent the vintage GAP items pictured above. The giveaway is open to all US residents and in honor of this being my “100th” post, the giveaway will end promptly at 0100 hours (1 am military time – central) on Thursday 11-10-11.  I’ve changed the rules a bit for entry so here they are:

1.  You must first subscribe to OR simply display the “Got Therapy” badge somewhere on your site! Visit the “Got Therapy?” page for instructions.

2.  Visit regularly and be on the lookout for the post titled “100…”.

3.  On the day of the “100th post”, leave a comment, which only needs to include your name and email address. Comments submitted AFTER the closing time (11-10-11 at 1am central time). No more than one entry per person.

That’s it yall!! I’ll email the winner (chosen by on Friday as well as post the results.  Good luck fashionista’s and as always, thanks for supporting my blog!