Back to business…

Winter Orange

Fall Orange w/Stripes!

So the holidays have come and gone! It went so quickly and here it is Monday and back to business as usual. Here is an outfit worn last week during a snow day, it’s hard to stay fashionable in Chicago with the snow and ice and rain during this season…anyways – moving right along!

If you may or may not know Fall/Winter 2010 has seen an influx of sophisticated neutrals. Camel, browns and olives are a big hit in fashion this season and will be followed by a mixture of brights come Spring 2011. I personally, have always preferred the neutral pallet and most of my clothing are in this color range. For this look I’ve paired a simple cardigan with a collared shirt and light washed skinny jeans.

Winter Orange

Fall Orange - Love this color!

Contrary to popular belief, monochromatic is “in”! Not only is it chic but it offers a slimming effect when both your cardi, vest or jacket is the same color or in the same tonal family as your undershirt. Skinny jeans are still a necessary staple and should be worn for your body type. I am an apple shape meaning that I am smaller on the bottom and larger at the top. In this look I’ve opted for a light wash to give my bottom half some weight. To balance out the look I’ve chosen a button down (or up) collared shirt with long sleeves that are cuffed to add volume and length to the arm. And of course my fall booties to complete the look.

Wear dark hues/denim washed skinny jeans to disguise heavy thighs, add a medium to thin width belt over your shirt and cardi for a trendy look and a cinched mid-section. Wear this style with over the knee boots or “scrunched” socks and booties!


Orange Cardi: The Limited – Orig: $44.90;  Re-Tell: $12.99 (40% off final sale in addition to coupon)

Striped Shirt: NY&Co. – Orig: $36.95;  Re-Tell: $10.96 ($50 off $100 coupon)

Skinny Jeggings: NY&Co. – Orig: $34.95;  Re-Tell: $8.22 ($50 off $100 coupon)

Booties: F21 – $27.80


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