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So I believe we’ve visited this issue before… Is it ok to wear multiple items in the wardrobe that are of the same color? Trending is from one season to the next – some find it more interesting to not be so “matchy matchy”, while others (like myself) wear what they feel and what looks good.


I luv the gray w/purple hue

As of late, I’ve been wearing items within the same hue or color family. I personally find it more interesting to wear all one color than two boring solids! At any rate, the outfit below pairs my “Street Jacket” with an underlying lace shell of the same color and finishing the look with this season’s Splat Boot.


Cotton, zipped Street Jacket: NY&Co – Orig: $44.95   Re-Tell: $22.48

Lace Puffed Shoulder Blouse: The Limited – Orig: $14.99 (Mark down)   Re-Tell: $6.40

678 Slim Bootcut Jeans: The Limited – Orig: $69.50   Re-Tell: $23.80

Grey micro-suede Splat Boot: Charlotte Russe – Orig: $40.00  Re-Tell: 50% off $20.00


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