Antiqued Brass…

Antiqued Brass

Caught off Guard!

Ok so I here I go with this green color again!! What can I say –  green, khaki, gold – these are just great colors especially in Fall/Winter! During this season we tend to wear the darker heavier hues and the brown family is the new black – it can be paired with mostly any color to offer major contrast! Today I want to talk more about the accessories rather than color.

If you haven’t noticed by now, antiqued brass accessories are my absolute fav! I do like gold, silver, titanium and platinum but the antiqued brass is a “muted” metal that (I think) brings a little elegance to the neutral colored pallet that I stick to in winter months. As you shop, pay attention to the details and hardware on clothing, handbags and belts. I typically match my jewelry to the hardware on my clothing, it makes a difference and can change the look of an entire outfit.


I'm proud of my $12 shirt find!

The jewelry trend for this season includes bold statement pieces – look for huge and unusual ornamentation (oversized bracelets, long earrings, extravagant neck pieces and broaches). Lots and lots of metals combined with pearls and/or silk, layered necklaces, square bangles (as I am wearing pictured above) and huge (retro-inspired) rings are also popular and available in most stores.


Apostrophe silk/rayon button blouse: Sears – Orig: $19.99   Re-Tell: $12.42 (Blk Friday sale)

Zip Cargo Pant in Green: The Limited – Orig: $69.50 Re-Tell: $23.25 (Marked down to $49.50 with extra 50% off coupon)

Antiqued Metal Belt: Nordstrom Rack – Re-Tell: $14.97


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