Fall “IT” Bags: Mulberry “Alexa” and Proenza Schouler “PS1”

Fall "IT" Bags

Certainly not new to the fashion world, Proenza Schouler’s “PS1” bag made it’s fashion debut in the Fall of 2008. The first sighting of the Mulberry “Alexa”, named after fashion icon, model and “It” girl Alexa Chung, was seen on none other than Alexa herself in September of 2009.

The ongoing controversy amongst purse fashionista’s and blogger’s alike, surround the striking similarities of the two bags and their cross body utilitarian style.  One apparent difference between the two is most certainly the price tag! The Alexa topples in at around $1,150 while the mini is sold for around $695. The PS1 (large) retails for $1,995 while the medium is $1,595.

Steve Madden

With this blog being about “Re-Tell”, of course I wouldn’t suggest you purchase this bag at those prices – unless you want too of course, but I will suggest a look for much less! The Steve Madden bag (pictured above) retails for a mere $88 bucks and Charlotte Russe has an even cheaper bag (pictured below) for about $34. Let’s not forget that Mulberry now has a line for Target and the bags retail around $29.95. Happy Shopping!

Charlotte Russe

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