…the act of wearing plaid or being plaid; also the act of loving plaid.

As we all know, one of the “repeat” fashion trends of 2010 is PLAID!! Target amongst others launched ads around the idea of incorporating plaid into your everyday fashion. With an array of exciting colors, plaid is now edgy and risky depending on what you decide to pair it with!! Not only is it popular for fashionista’s, don’t be surprised if you see the fashionisto “rockin” the plaid as well.


Plaid Shirts: Target – Orig: $15.00   Re-Tell: $8.00

Denim Long Leggings: Target – Orig: $14.99   Re-Tell: $14.99

Red Tee: Old Navy – Orig: $9.99   Re-Tell: $5.99

Cream Slouch Skinny Denim: Banana Republic – Orig: $89.50   Re-Tell: $2.78!! Best darn deal of 2010!!! Marked down to $3.97 with an extra 30% off!! Luv it!


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