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Color and Printed pieces are in the forecast for Spring ’11 Fashion Trends. I’m definitely one to talk about color especially since my fall wardrobe consists of mostly browns and nuetrals! 🙂

At any rate, I’m definitely not afraid to dabble in color or print and as spring approaches and the days are sunnier and longer, I’m apt to wear more of it! Right now 69% of the U.S. is covered in snow! There goes the cute boots with stiletto heels  :-/

In the picture above I took a close up of the pant and shirt. Mainly I wanted you to get a sense of the material of both pieces as well as clue in on the colors and prints that were put together. I’ve matched a faux snake skin belt with the paisley shirt (prints) but what pulls the look together is the color! The Green/Gray color is dominant within the belt and pant and it’s carried throughout the shirt. It’s the small details that give the look cohesion  – down to the silver hardware in the buckle to match my silver accessories. I hope to give you more looks that include bright prints and colors and how to match them as well as mute them.

Printed Shirt


JNY Signature Collection Shirt: Macy’s – Orig: $64.00   Re-Tell: $16.99 – Marked down to $19.99 with 15% off

Faux Snake Skin Belt: NY&Co – Orig: $29.50   Re-Tell: $10.99 – Mark down w/coupon

Cropped Pant: NY&Co – Orig: $29.95 Re-Tell: $14.99


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