More color – “Muting”

Printed Velour

Last week I posted an image in which the paisley shirt was the focal point of the ensemble. Paired with a solid colored pant, the shirt was still the “loudest” piece. If you recall, I also stated that I give tips on “matching” and “muting” color and prints if you prefer to tone down a look. To mute a colored or printed shirt simply – LAYER! A very quick fix and simple solution is to layer your shirt (be it printed or bright) with a darker solid color. The shirt above is actually a rayon shirt with shaped velour pieces arranged all over with a solid purple attached undergarment. The orange and fushia colors really pop, so pairing it with the solid purple cardigan mutes both the print and the color. A denim jacket would serve the same purpose, but I personally love the rich and regal purple color!


Purple Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack – Re-Tell: $19.97

Tucker for Target: Target – Orig: $     Re-Tell: $13.88

917 Jeans from The Limited – See previous posts.

Microsuede splat boots offer a similar texture to the velour accented shirt


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