Let it snow…

Hey all — Back again!! I mentioned last week that aside from my “Informal Friday” posts I’d soon be featuring some outerwear along with business/casual wear for work and church. Well on to the outerwear… I’ve decided to show a few jackets and car coats mainly because these are items not necessarily worn inside and so I don’t have any pics of them. I got dressed one Saturday and started taking random pics of what I’d typically wear when the temps are lower (25-35) and I’m traveling by car. Currently, the Midwest is in the middle of a severe storm with high winds and a forecasted 20 inches of snow to come! I certainly wouldn’t wear some of these coats in that type of weather but you get the idea!


Now this is an example of how to rock a “Too Small” jacket! HA!! Obviously it doesn’t button up so if you’re only taking a quick few steps from your car to the inside you can definitely get away with it. The jacket is lightweight wool, definitely a “car coat” that I paired with one of my favorite colorful scarves. I like the colorfulness of it all especially when the weather’s gloomy and there’s no sun out. Ladies don’t write a jacket off b/c it’s gotten too small to button or zip! Being top heavy I’ve always had this issue, but I’ve found accessories help. Scarves, necklaces and even oversized collared shirts can detract from a tight fitting jacket. Now that does not mean I’m giving you a free pass to buy too small clothes! NO! But I will share a tip— depending on the cut of the jacket, if the arms, shoulders and back can fit comfortably (though it may not button all the way or zip) chances are you can get away with it!

Luv Luv Luv Teal/Turquoise


Banded Short Wool Jacket: F21 – Orig: $24.80   Re-Tell: $24.80

Acrylic Scarf: Pay Half – Orig: $7.99   Re-Tell: $7.99

Yellow Sweater Shirt: Pay Half – Orig: $18   Re-Tell: $9

Jean Leggings: Nordstrom Rack – Gifted

Kelly & Katie Knee Boots: DSW – Orig: 69.99 Re-Tell: $38.99/30% off markdown with 10 Dollar Rewards Coupon


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