Informal Friday – 1

Hey all!! I know I’ve been MIA since last week BUT I’m never to far! Anyways I started a weekly feature entitled “Informal Friday” and here it is Tuesday and I still haven’t posted the first entry! Sorry for the delay, but better late than not at all šŸ™‚ Here ya go…

Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I

Friday 01- A picture of you (above) and 15Ā random facts or oddball thingsĀ aboutĀ yourself

1. I carry around a Nintendo DSiXL and a PSP in my purse- cuz I like video games. “Super Mario” fanatic!

2.Ā  I used to do nail art and pedicures at a vietnamese nail salon – and my dream job at one point was “manicurist to the stars”!

3. I was once 40 pounds heavier

4. I’ve gained 13 of those pounds back – I’ve got a blog about that too!

5. I daydream… A LOT!

6. Currently in grad school for Information Architecture; Was a high-school math teacher in my former life šŸ˜

7. I have a favorite “part” for every song and they often pop up in my head at any given time for no reason in particular. Also alot of the verses are played in the background but if you listen closely you can hear it … here are a few:

“Lemon pepper wings and a freeze cup, Lemons in they face watch em freeze up” – Lemonade, Gucci (chorus)

“Keep them dollars coming and that’s gone make me dance” – Make It Rain, Travis Porter (chorus)

“Gotta a lot of haters and a lot of homies, some friends and some phony…” – Still Tippin, Mike Jones’ verse

“How you figure that your team can affect my cream, I rely on Bed-Stuy to shut it down if I die” –Ā  Fake Ones, Biggies’s background hook

…Ok so you get the point!

8. Scared of elevators, large crowds and swimming :-/

9. I call my mother “BANG”, mainly because she’s a firecracker… sweet woman, wise beyond her years but don’t cross her!

10. I’ve never seen “Terminator” , “Pulp Fiction” or “Matrix” and really don’t care to see them either :-/

11. I’m a great story teller

12. I’m like a coin – 2 sides to this girl!

13. To hell with dirty dishes, I’m more annoyed with finger printed walls and dirty baseboards (touch of OCD).

14. My close friends/family know that my goal is to be the “Millionaire Next Door”, I’m a firm believer that I can do this and shop (as long as it’s marked down) too!

15. Addicted to Chipotle and McDonald’s Carmel Frappe’s – WTF???

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