Swaggr Jacked! – J’s Everyday Fashion

2-in-1: 2 looks, 1 jacket!

As a newbie to blogging, I’m not hip to all of the “rules” of the blogging community BUT I do believe it is only fair and proper to give credit where it’s due– hence the title of this post. If I “swaggr jack” ya style/outfit, I will gladly credit you for inspiring the look, imitation is the highest form of flattery and well –you get the point. If you check out my blog roll, I have links to fashionista’s that I follow on a regular basis and today’s post was inspired by J’s Everyday Fashion. I luv her style and I figured, I have the same items but never thought to put them together. Here’s my rendition of the military look with a little added extra (fur)!

I decided to pair the look I’d typically wear (left) with the look inspired by J (right). Of course since I’m focusing on jackets and outerwear, my goal is to show many options with the one jacket. Mind you, I have the cotton military jacket in both green and black… I am not opposed to buying multiples of one item especially if it works!

2 looks!

Add a touch of fur to the utilitarian styled jacket!


Green Military Jacket: Marshalls – Re-Tell: $19.99

Fur Shawl: I purchased the one from H&M per J’s post and it retailed for $14.95 however the one shown here was taken from an old sweater purchased years ago! It’s a lot fluffier and I like the color of the fur better. A Re-Tell find already in my closet!


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