Informal Friday – 2

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Ooook I know I’m so full of sh*t with Informal Fridays! I swear the time gets away from me!! I know I know it’s Sunday – it should have been posted already! At any rate here you go…

Friday 02 – The best advice you’ve received and who was it from

“Love many, trust few, learn to paddle your own canoe” – Mama

Translation: You’ll run into lots of people within a lifetime, love as many as you wish but know that everyone can’t be trusted. All “friends” won’t be friends to you, and for that very reason learn to be independent and make things happen for self.

I apply this to all aspects in my life, no truer words spoken.

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do” – Daddy

Translation: Don’t be afraid to conform, if it’s best practice – respect it and follow it. It’s the weak minded individual who is automatically thinking that my dad was telling us to be followers.

Not hardly! I apply this to my professional career and I have witnessed (on a number of occasions) collegaues who go against the grain for attention whoring. If your being a non-conformist do so with reason, you’ll have a larger platform of respected followers when you’re a team player rather than being different for sake of being … different!

“Don’t throw stones then hide your hands” – JE’s Mama

Translation: If you’re courageous enough to dish it, then own up to it. Never hide behind your actions.

“If ya can’t change ya friends, then change ya friends” – Reverend Meeks

Translation: If you find yourself surrounded by people who are negative or not quite in the same place, as a friend it’s your job to bring them up to speed. If at some point they still don’t get it, it’s time to start surrounding yourself with more like-minded individuals.

Though I am not a member of his church, I heard these words he spoke while visiting one random Sunday. I remembered them so I guess I needed to hear it!


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