Change of pace…

2011 Moncler Women's Puffer Jacket

To say that media doesn’t influence some of my fashion sense would be a flat out LIE!! While I do take note of the fashions don’ed in magazines and music videos, it is of my own choosing what I decide to go and purchase. On that note I’m sure we are all familiar with the “shiny” Moncler puffer jackets seen on the likes of Pharell, Kanyeezy, Puffy, Tyrese and Run’s daughter’s Angela & Vanessa. If you happen to be in the market for a $1200 jacket straight out of Bergdorf or Neiman’s by all means PURCHASE, I personally have opted for Puffy’s version of the women’s jacket (sans the belted waist) found at the K&G for a whopping $35 bucks…

Not quite Moncler, but you get the idea...


Sean John Polyester Puffer: K&G  – Re-Tell: $35.99

Scarf: Target – Re-Tell: $12.99


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