Out with Anne…

Anne Taylor Wool Coat

Anne Taylor Wool Coat

Hey all, today’s outerwear post doesn’t come from the back of my closet but fresh off the rack from Anne Taylor’s end of season sale. As we all know, after Christmas is the best time for deals on clothing and accessories– the downside: it may not be available in your size. With the arrival of spring shipment after the holidays, retailers are eager to get rid the season’s leftovers so what do they do??? They hit us consumer’s with a semi-annual sale that includes great deals but limited items. Lucky for me, I was able to snag this last wool car coat (size 12) from Anne Taylor. I loved the richness of the color, especially the navy blue hue, but what sealed the deal was the brass ornamentation in which I’ve pictured below. I paired this $189.00 (but you know I didn’t pay that much) coat with my lightweight leopard accented scarf ($2.50 courtesy of Rainbow) and I’m pretty satisfied with the combo.

The "Deets"


Navy Blue Wool Coat: Anne Taylor  – Orig: $189.00   Re-Tell: $44.99

Lightweight leopard print scarf: Rainbow  – Re-Tell: $2.50; Also purchased in pink which you’ll see soon!


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