Adding something extra…


Add some sparkle to your outfit!

Hey all! I didn’t get around to posting as much as I wanted to last week, but I think you guys know by now that I am a pretty busy girl. Went to Memphis on Thursday night to help my cousin celebrate her 40th b-day, and boy did I have a wonderful time! Returned to Chicago on Sunday during a horrible rainstorm and now I’m feeling sick!! Yuck!! At any rate, on to today’s post.

Great for the office and after hours...

I told you I’d be featuring business casual wear for work/church. Today’s outfit is inspired by “Happy Hour”! That’s right, Friday evenings after work! Workplace wear is getting relaxed these days and you shouldn’t feel hesitant to add a little something extra to “spice” up your work outfit. Now, am I suggesting you wear a sparkly top to a board meeting? NOT! But Friday’s are usually casual and you can totally rock a blazer with “slack” jeans and throw in some sparkle or lace for an added effect.


Pin-striped Suit Jacket: NY&Co  – Purchases YEARS ago

Blue Jean Slacks: Banana Republic  –  Orig: $89.50 Re-Tell: $29.99

Bandolino Pumps: Nine West Outlet – Re-Tell: $34.99

Sequined Tank: Target – Orig/Re-Tell: $17.99


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