Informal Friday – 3

Friday 01- The meaning behind your blog title

Hey all!!! Catching up on my informal Friday posts and guess what? I’m actually posting on a Friday!! Anyways the meaning behind Re-Tell Therapy is explained on the about page but here is a brief synopsis if you decided to skip that page 🙂

Don’t get it twisted, feeling good about yourself is way more than looking good and shopping for clothes! My blog however covers the shopping part! Shopping for me is therapeutic, I’d rather buy a nice pair of earrings or get a pedicure when I’m feeling down, than shove a large chocolate donut down my throat. It’s different strokes for different folks, some people find other outlets but I personally like to shop. I don’t just shop when I’m sad or need a “pick-me-up”, I shop because that’s what I enjoy doing. I discovered a long time ago, that when you look good you feel that much better about yourself and it’s reflected in your attitude. Re-Tell Therapy doesn’t advise anyone to break the bank to look good, but instead invest a little time in looking for solid items at a fraction of the cost. It’s not what you wear or how much it costs, but how you “rock it”.

My finds are re-told to you (by me) on this blog so that you too can be aware that you can look good for little. I’m a hard working women with a budget so it’s important for me to buy pieces that I’ll like and enjoy without putting myself in a poor house or later blogging about “Retail Rehab”! At any rate, I hope you enjoy my finds and as always “Happy Shopping”!

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