Change is good…

Dotted purse and scarf

Akira Clutch w/ matching scarf

Hi all!! I’m back 🙂

My apologies for being missing from the blogosphere this past month but so many life changing events have occurred I’m just greatful to be at peace at this point! While I’m not one to air my personal business, my home was burglarized in March and as a result my things were stolen 😦 – they took my computer with all of my work, pictures (years worth of memories) and private information BUT, God is good and things could have been worse.

On that note, it’s a month later and I’m finally picking up the remaining pieces and letting my readers know that change is good. It’s a struggle when that change is forced upon you, but faith keeps you grounded when life throws a curve ball! I have no new pics but I’ll be up and running in no time– Thx for visiting!

Same outfit with a small "change" to the accesories...


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