Testing, Testing…123

Testing out the new camera!

Hey all! As promised, I am back and boy does it feel good. While I’m still in the midst of replacing some of the items stolen from me, I’m making it my duty to commit to posting. Spring is here in the windy city and I’m excited about the change in weather which also means a change in clothing!

Sooooo, I purchased a new camera – YAY!! I sooo wanted a DSLR but it’s just not in the budget at the moment. Instead, I was able to purchase a decent camera that is certainly a step up from the “point and shoot” I used when I started this blog. I also purchased a tripod to help out with some of my picture taking in the mornings before leaving for work (when the outfit is fresh).

At any rate, here are some test pics that were taken in the hallway of my new home (that I now share with the BF and his son). Now that the sun is starting to peak out, I’m looking forward to more outdoor shots– we shall see!

Luv this jacket!

Nothing really exciting, just testing the settings on my camera (what is with the hair in my face though :-/)… I’m so short you can’t even see the shoes, it’s ok – I picture them below. I am excited about my leather jacket though! I make it a point to buy myself a jacket and purse every year for my birthday- kinda like justifying my shopping purchases during my birthday month :-). I picked this baby up from Macy’s and though I didn’t get a good good deal on it – I still didn’t pay full price!

Steve Madden - Studded Pumps


INC. Leather Jacket:  Macy’s – Orig: $232.99   Re-Tell: $180.00

Sunny Leigh Rayon Shirt:  Macy’s – Orig: $46.99   Re-Tell: $17.98

Denim Wide-Leg Jeans:  NY&Co – Purchased years ago; featured in previous posts

Steve Madden Pumps:  DSW – Orig: $69.95   Re-Tell: $49.95 (with 2 $10 rewards coupons)


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