Windy City…

Hey all! I just wanted to give a thx to all 5 followers of my blog! 🙂 I’m just starting out and though I haven’t been consistent, I do appreciate your visits along with the feedback and commentary that you share…


Last week my co-worker took these pics of me using her camera phone — it’s Spring (Mid-May) yet the weather here is still frigid and windy!! I am thankful that the sun is shining most days but can we get some warmer temps around here!!

Windy Indeed!


Jones NY Jacket:  Macy’s – Orig:  $69.00   Re-Tell:  $24.99

Banded Leg Jeans:  H&M – Orig: ??   Re-Tell: ??

Coral Rayon Shirt:  Limited – Orig: $29.99   Re-Tell: $9.99

Lightweight Scarf:  NY&Co – Orig: $16.99   Re-Tell: $7.96

Wedges:  NineWest Outlet – Orig: $59.99   Re-Tell: $32.97

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