Out to lunch…

Hiiiiiii! So today, the weather was cool, windy and cloudy as it has been all week. The work day is about to end and BOOM — the sun rear’s it’s head. I guess that’s a good thing, seeing as how it’s quittin’ time in the next half hour or so. At any rate, bear with me as I continue to test the settings on my new camera.

Didn’t get many good shots of the day’s outfit so I’ll be posting a “2 for 1” special to make up for it.  I’ve looked in my archives and it seems as if there are a few outfits that haven’t been posted, sooooooooooo I’ll go ahead and post them and name em “Didn’t make the cut” — after this peeps!

...at Quizno's

Almost off work – then off to the gym!!


August Silk Shirt:  Macy’s – Orig:  $68.00   Re-Tell:  $8.74 (75% off markdown of $34.99 – YES!)

Dark Denim Jeggings:  NY&Co – See previous post

Photo Credit: Donna Taylor — do not use without permission

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