A Punch of Color…

Me trying to blend with the colors of the flags...

Hey all!! Guess what?! It’s Friday and I’m actually doing a post, what’s really going on here!? Well I decided to go in the office today instead of work from home and thought that today’s fit was post worthy. It’s Friday in the city and the weather is absolutely gorgeous outside (if I don’t say so myself)! Looking forward to getting off work and hanging with the fam 🙂

Taking pics in the lobby...

You guys have a wonderful weekend!!


White 3/4 sleeved Blazer:  NY&Co – Orig:  $69.95   Re-Tell:  $58.98 ($40 off $100/Buy one 50% off))

Ruffled silk blouse:  NY&Co – Orig:  $39.95   Re-Tell: $23.97

Beaded Purse/Bangles:  Aldo –  Purse Orig:  $50.00   Re-Tell:  $29.99;   Bangles Orig: $18.00   Re-Tell:  $11.7

Vigoss Jeans:  Nordstrom Rack  –  Re-Tell:  $34.99

Photo Credit: Donna Taylor — do not use without permission

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