The Midas Touch…

Adding an accent of gold...

Hey all! It’s a whopping 94 degrees here in Chi city and I can’t believe how unpredictable this darn weather can be — but then again — I can! At any rate, I decided to name this post “The Midas Touch” after the fairytale “King Midas” simply because of the gold accented jewelry, shoes and accessories.

SIDEBAR: If you’re not familiar with myths and fairytales – hit the local library or Google a few! I’ve always fantasized and I’m convinced that reading these stories as a child not only sparked my my imagination and creativity but increased my love for books and reading!! OK…Done ranting 🙂

Me looking at Me

I'm totally in luv with these wedges from Charlotte Russe...


Pink Sunnies:  Target – Orig/Re-tell:  $16.99

Denim Skinny Jeans:  Faith (F21) – $14.50   (See previous post)

White Button down shirt:  The Limited – Orig: $39.90   Re-Tell:  $15.02

Steve Madden Belt:  Macy’s – Orig: $36.00   Re-Tell:  $21.98   (See previous post)

Cork Wedge Sandals:  Charlotte Russe – Orig/Re-Tell:  $15.00

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