Olive Wednesday…

My "head turn" model pose!

Hey peeps! Windy day out– blowing my hair all over the place! The temps have cooled off some since yesterday but still warm enough for me to rock last year’s summer dress. I must say, I need to get back to the gym regularly!! I’ve definitely slacked on the workout side since the Fall and believe me, this dress is definitely hugging the mid-section a little tighter than last year.  I love the color of the dress & scarf and was too excited to wear my bangles that I just recently picked up from Aldo!

Me times two...


Tank Dress:  NY&Co – Orig: $29.99  Re-Tell:  $19.99

Jones New York Scarf:  Payhalf — See previous post

Bangles:  Aldo –  Orig/Re-Tell:  $15.00

Wedges:  NineWest Outlet – Orig: $59.99   Re-Tell: $32.97

Now that I look at the pics– perhaps I could have rocked my cream purse or brown sandal! Oh well, I have about 5 dresses just like this (same style–different color/ornamentation) so I guess I have a few more tries to get it right! Off to go bike riding and perhaps hit the gym for a weight training session… until next time!

Photo Credit: Donna Taylor — do not use without permission

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