Challenge! One Dress – One Week…

Hey all!! I’ve decided to do one of my favorite fashion bloggers’ style challenge for this week! Lexy of BeautyFash, has challenged fellow fashion bloggers to rock one dress the entire week — a different way each day of course. She’s going the long haul and doing the challenge for 7 days, I myself can only do 5! I’ll keep you updated of the other participants — be sure to check back to see what everyone’s coming up with!

Without further ado… My One Dress! By the way, I think I’m luvin the shoes more than the dress! I’ll be sure to post a detailed shot 🙂

"The Dress"


3/4 Sleeve Shirt Dress:  Old Navy – Re-Tell: $14.99

Sandals:  Bare Feet Shoes – Orig/Re-Tell: $24.99

'The Dress" worn as is... no accessories!

"The Shoes!"

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9 thoughts on “Challenge! One Dress – One Week…

  1. I am in love with the dress!! The color the shape, THE POCKETS!!! lol the shoes are perfect ❤ – cant wait to see how you wear it next

  2. Cute cute! I love the color of that dress! 🙂 The length is perfect and I adore the pockets!!! Those shoes are FABULOUS!!!

    Just added you to the post of partcipants… can’t wait to follow along all week.

    • Thx Cuzin for dropping by!! I picked these up at Bare Feet Shoes by the house — I hadn’t been in yrs since we went to the one in Lansing. They’ve got some nice ones and affordable too 🙂

    • Thx for the compliment! Truth is, I haven’t word that darn dress since the challenge … lol! 5 days was enough for me! Glad you’re inspired — I totally have to get onboard with taking better care of my natural hair. I will be checkin in frequently!

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