One Dress One Week…Day 5

The challenge has ended for me, make sure to follow the other participants who have decided to go the long haul — 7 days!

Lexy of BeautyFash – the creator of the challenge!  ::  Toya of The Grey Pastel  ::  Bajan Beauty over at Curves and Confidence  ::  Ronda of Ronda Ready  ::  Rita over at RitaMil via her amazing YouTube channel  ::  Cathy of Minister of Style :: Work it ladies!!

The dress worn as a jacket...

SPORT IT  Day 5 ladies and I’m done!! I will admit that I did put some thought in how to present the dress the final day. I’ve worn it plain, under a blazer, as a shirt and as a skirt — there was nothing left to do besides burn it then bury it :), sooooooooo I decided to sport it as a jacket — the pockets came in handy!  I did a trial run the evening before which I also posted below. Funny how the weather has been cool all week and now today it’s hot as blazins, so I ditched the jeans and the heels and opted for shorts and flats. Let me know what you guys think!

Trial Run + Final Result

I folded then ironed the skirt, rolled the sleeves and pulled the collar down to hide the ruffles. I added a sleeveless collared shirt underneath, a lightweight scarf for added effect and my pin striped shorts. I’ve also posted the look sans the “jacket”

What's underneath...


Scarf:  NY&Co  –  Orig: $16.99   Re-Tell:  $7.96

Shirt:  NY&Co  –  Orig: $24.95   Re-Tell: $9.99

Shorts:  NY&Co  –  Orig: $24.95  Re-Tell:  $12.99

Flowered Flats:  Bare Feet Shoes  –  Re-Tell: $13.50

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7 thoughts on “One Dress One Week…Day 5

  1. Wait just one minute how did you sport your dress as a jacket?! This is totally FAB; and the white shirt is peeking underneath….Girl your bad!

    I loved watching the challenge! GREAT JOB!!!

    • You are too funny!!! Girl I swear I was trying to think of something different for this final day!
      Thanks so much for commenting and supporting the challenge (my first one)!! This was too much fun!

  2. ummmm…speechless. you win!! lol seriously though, this is such a dope idea, my mouth was literally wide open reading this. GREAT JOB! This has been so fun…don’t be a stranger! xoxo, Rita

  3. I CAN’T! This was so ingenious!!! I can’t believe you did this – its amazing. Even the dry run the night before (the shoes are amazing). You killed this challenge. Every look you put together was just so completely different that I had to actually go back to day #1 to look at that darn dress!!! great job! I am “borrowing” a couple of your ideas, lol

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