The “Block” is Hot… the debut of Color Blocking

Hey all! I didn’t think I would be posting at all this week, especially after participating in Lexy’s 5 day “One Dress One Week” challenge, but here I am — at it again! Today I wanted to feature the latest trending topic so popular amongst Fashion Bloggers and Fashionista’s alike — “Color Blocking”.  Spring 2011 saw fashion heavy hitters like Gucci, Jil Sander, MaxMara and Etro bombard the  runways with bright and bold colors, setting the precedent for retail chain stores (Aldo, NineWest…). The ad campaigns are classic but the trend is nothing we haven’t seen before, remnant of  the 90’s urban wear which featured brightly colored denim and matching jackets & tee’s by Cross Colours, Girbaud, Used and Guess. At any rate, enough of my fashion ranting, here’s my version of the trend!

Color Blocking ... (1)

It’s only natural that I experiment with the trend and try other colors as well. While perusing for shoes in Marshall’s I found the most beautiful electric blue jacket for a mere $20 bucks and thought pairing this with the dress would also be a hot combo and soooooo I got carried away!

Color Blocking ... (2)

Only necessary to try with denim…

and of course Color Blocking ... (3)

I had a blast trying out different looks and experimenting with the boldness of the colors. I recently read that accessorizing the outfits with gold, silver or bronze, like seen in the Gucci pic above, is referred to as “jeweled blocking”. I’ll definitely take that under consideration! Thanks for stopping by!!

Color Blocking with Re-Tell Therapy


Knit Tube Dress:  Limited  –  Orig: $69.90   Re-Tell:  $34.99

White Blazer & Accessories:  See previous post

Blue Tweed Jacket:  Marshall’s – Orig: $49.99   Re-Tell: $20.00

Green Ruffled Shirt:  Limited  –  Orig: $39.90  Re-Tell:  $19.99

INC Yellow Belt:  Macy’s  –  Orig/Re-Tell: $16.50

Michael Antonio Pink Platforms:  Akira  –  Orig/Re-tell:  $59.99

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11 thoughts on “The “Block” is Hot… the debut of Color Blocking

  1. What, chile you better work! Love all the color combinations, I need to get on the ball and add more color to my closet! I awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award and it is well deserved check out my blog for the post.

    • Thx! I luv your blog–
      Ahhhhhhhhh! I’m shouting — at work! LOL. That is sooooo cool, this is my first award ever AND it’s for “Stylish Blogger” NICE! You got me geeked now–many thanks girl!!

  2. You KILLED every look! I need to play with color more. I went through a grey & black phase that I am slowly coming out of…it’s been fun! Great job! xoxo, Rita

    • Thx Rita! I checked your channel yesterday and you’re definitely including color, your looks were great and Day 4 was my absolute favorite! It’s been fun, let’s do it again sometime!!

  3. Everything about these looks scream perfection!! I love it!! I feel so inspired right now, and that’s what following a blog should make feel, so THANKS!!!


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