Mustard Yellow & Fleur de Lis

Hi all!! Looking forward to a wonderful week. The weather is nice and calm finally– don’t know how long it’s going to last though so I’ll enjoy it while I can… At any rate, believe it or not, I’ve been taking pics everyday but unfortunately I don’t get around to posting everyday. I typically post 3x/week, usually Tuesday thru Thursday because of my busy schedule, but the downside is I’ve collected a ton of outfit pics that need to be posted. Oh well, you all understand!

Side-by-Side comparison

Today I’m featuring one of my outfits from last week along with today’s outfit. I decided to put them together because of the mustard yellow color common in both and because they were both purchased from Target. I absolutely luv this color in spring and summer – it’s so rich!

Luvs this color!

I absolutely adore these sandals! I purchased them “Buy one Get one half” from a store named “Bare Feet Shoes”. I’m not sure if the chain is everywhere but they have a few located in the south suburbs of Chi-city. I really wanted to wear heels with today’s Fluer de Lis outfit but my ankle hurts from cycling class yesterday– thought flats would be best and I think these worked perfectly!


Yellow Sleeveless Flyaway Cardi and tank:  Target  –  Orig/Re-Tell:  $29.99/$8.00

Jeggings: Gifted

Merona Fleur de Lis Blouse:  Target  –  Orig: $29.99   Re-Tell: $19.99

Mossimo Denim Jeggings:  Target  –  Orig:  $19.99   Re-Tell: $13.94

Flowered Flats:  Bare Feet Shoes  –  Orig:  $17.99  Re-tell:  $13.50

Fleur de Lis Photo Credit: Donna Taylor — do not use without permission

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13 thoughts on “Mustard Yellow & Fleur de Lis

  1. I don’t know why I am so afraid of yellow, but seeing how you worked it, and the shade of yellow you chose, really makes me want to jump in and try it!

    • Hey Toya, thx for all your lovely comments! I say go for it– summer is the best time to experiment with color in IMO – the weather is nice sunny and you don’t have to cover up!

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