Lace, Stripes and A White Night Out…

Lace + silver accesories = fab for Lea

Haaaay!! As you all know, I’ll be posting multiple pics per post this week seeing as how I’m in “overflow” :-). Today, I’m posting about white and how much I can’t get enough of it during the summer months! Ok, so I’m not as bad as Lisa Raye but you all get the point…last friday I attended an all-white birthday event with my friend Joy. It’s been awhile since I’ve been “out” and we had a pretty good time, we typically are entertained by people watching. Summer is here!

White + Stripes + Light Gray


So as you see here, I sported the above outfits to work last week. By Friday, I had traded in my bobbed weave for crochets and sported the lace cami yet again to the all-white party. Don’t worry, I hand-washed it 🙂

Close-up shot -- greasy face :-/

My friend donned a T-shirt dress along with a swing coat that can also double as a dress. I opted for white jeans and my “go-to” white blazer.

A White Night Out...

Chicken Quesa...

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6 thoughts on “Lace, Stripes and A White Night Out…

  1. you’re looking fabulous in white and thanks for commenting on my blog hope you visit again soon! I love this all white attire, which reminds me I was supposed to be attending an all white event tonight but I sat it out because I didn’t have a full white outfit, so the hubby left without me! 😦 LOL You’re glowing in white and I’m loving your accessories! xoxo TY

  2. that first pic with the accessories is so beautiful. An all white themed party is such a great idea! I know some people may be frustrated trying to find things to wear but it’s still a fun idea. you guys looked great!

    • Hey Rita! I luv all white parties – I should have taken a picture of the crowd, it’s refreshing to see all the different styles and everyone color coordinated! Thx for visiting!

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