Have a Safe & Happy Holiday Weekend!

As you can see white and yellow are my go-to colors this season...

Hey peeps!! Happy first of the month :-)! I went in to the office today — had to get lots of work done– and lucky for us, they are letting us leave early!! YAY!! Now I can jump start my holiday weekend! No major plans just hanging with the family of course. At any rate, I’ll make this post short and sweet –enjoy, thanks for visiting and have a happy and safe holiday weekend!


Here are the infamous side-by-side pics of the outfit. I recall telling you here that I had this dress in multiple colors! For some reason, this one is looking real “mini” today :-)! Well my issue with the dress (when worn previously) was the belly bulge! Soooooo, seeing as how this is the same dress I decided to wear it differently using the scarf and the white cardi on top. We’re supposed to be experiencing a heatwave this weekend, starting today, but it’s pretty darn cool and cloudy– glad I dressed accordingly!

Side-by-Side...but my shoes look dirty ugh -- they aren't!

Strike a Pose -- Sitting in the canteen staring up at the TV monitor, looking like I have a crook in my neck! I crack myself up sometimes!

Photo Credit: Donna Taylor — do not use without permission

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