Pink Lace & Playing Catch Up!!

Smile...It will brighten up your day!

Hey Re-Tell Addicts!! Back from vacationing and instead of posting 3X this week, I’m going to try and commit to at least 5 posts – not to mention I still have pics that have yet to make it to this blog – time for a “Didn’t Make the Cut – Part 3”! At any rate, last week I kind of chilled out a bit and played catch-up with some of the other blogs I follow. When I discover new blogs I like to read them from the beginning – you truly see how each individual’s style evolves plus you discover looks you may not have even thought of!

Ready to Go!

I’ve been experimenting with make-up a little lately. I believe I stated in a previous post that I’m definitely not a make-up person but I as I read other blogs I’m discovering “how-to” videos and it’s actually kind of fun to try. While getting my hair “crocheted”, my stylists’ friend was there and she works at the counter in Nordstrom. She recommended Face Fabric #5 by Giorgio Armani, it’s a tinted moisturizer and not heavy on my face, I topped it off with a bronzer so I can glow a little – tell me what you guys think!

Ok, I'll keep the smiling poses 😉


Pink Cardi/Lace Top:  NY&Co  –

Skini Leg Pant: NY&Co –

Wedges:  Nine West  –  Orig: $89.00   Re-Tell: $53.40 (40% off)

Rose Gold Watch:  NY&C0 – Orig: $24.99  Re-Tell: $8.00

Necklace:  Ann Taylor  –  Orig:  $39.99  Re-tell:     (40% off)

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3 thoughts on “Pink Lace & Playing Catch Up!!

    • Aww thx for the lovely compliment! I’ve really been trying to experiment with this make-up thing. No that’s my friends ride — taking pics before heading to the mall!

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