Tan & Sparkling…

On the run from the "Photo Police"

Hiya Re-Tell Fashionista’s!! Another week into summer and boy has it been sweltering these past couple of days. At any rate, as much as I wanted to post 5x last week, the time just got away from me. I still have some outfit pics in the archive so I decided to share a couple with you guys today – kind of like a “two-for-one”. I also, managed to pick up a couple of pair of shoes (4 to be exact) on sale last week, so I’ll be back tomorrow to post those as well. I took the pic above in the lobby at work a few weeks back — unfortunately there are only certain places you’re supposed to snap pics … ha!

My 2-for-1 for today!

As you see the pic on the left was awhile ago — notice the previous hair-do, but I decided to include it today since tan was the subject of my post.  Speaking of hair, I’ll be getting my hair done this evening but I’m really searching for a new look — any suggestions?

I absolutely love this cardi though I don't get a chance to wear it much...


Orange Button Up Cardi:  The Limited — See previous posts

Cream Jeans:  Banana Republic — See previous posts (My amazing $3 find!)

Sequined Tank: Target

Fly Away Cardi:  Marshall’s  –  Re-Tell: $24.99

Denim Jeggings:  NY&Co — See previous posts

Heels/Wedges: Both Nine West — See previous posts

Photo Credit: Donna Taylor — do not use without permission

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