Potbelly’s. Pink.

Lunch pics -- Ordering in Potbelly's

Hey Re-Tell Fashionista’s! Hope everybody is off to a wonderful week… I didn’t get a chance to post earlier today — swamped at work (not that I should be posting there anyway!). At any rate, today’s outfit post is very similar to one you’ve seen before — khaki’s + color! IMO khaki goes with any color during any time of the year! I have confessed to donning the same color patterns over and over so this should definitely come as no surprise.

The infamous close-up jewelry shots...

I paired my pink F21 shirt with my opalescence pink jewelry for a soft and feminine look — If you guys hadn’t noticed by now, I’m definitely a fan of the details and it’s really the little things that add to an outfit.  The jewelry pieces were purchased at separate times which is one of many great benefits to buying opalescence.  Not only is it easy to color match, it doesn’t fade (like most costume jewelry) and relatively cheap!

Potbelly Candids!

Here are more shots of the pics taken in Potbelly’s (hence the name of the post!). Today was unseasonably cool, but no complaints from me.  As always, thanks for all the blog love and fab comments! I’m shutting it down — time for bed after a crazy work day 🙂


Pink baby doll blouse:  F21

Khaki Cargo Pant:  NY&Co. — See previous posts

MIA Cork Sandal:  Shoe Carnival — See previous posts

Photo Credit: Donna Taylor — do not use without permission

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6 thoughts on “Potbelly’s. Pink.

  1. Hi there! I am now following you back. Sry this comment is so far down, but I’ve been enjoying reading through your blog, great style! I actually used to have that SAME exact necklace but it was broken by my mother :-(.

    I wanted to thank you SO much for your comment on my “insecurities” post. It made a lot of sense and you are absolutely correct, better sooner than later!

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