Papparazzi & Paisley

Paisley Print...

Hey fashionista’s!! Today has been a long and busy day — I’m finally wrapping up the day’s work and I’m still not finished, looks like I’ll be in the office tomorrow after all.  I’ll make this post short and sweet cuz a sistah is drained!  At any rate, I’m featuring my Paisley shirt (purchased from Arden B. back in June) and I’ve worn it twice but I’m not really feeling it. While I do like the colors (BRIGHT!!), I don’t know if I’m diggin the actual fit of the top — I’ve tried pairing with skinnies and wedges along with pants and flats. I guess you girls can help me out on this one, not sure if it’s a keeper!

Did you peep the papparazzi in the back? lol!

The shirt is comfy! Don’t get me wrong — but not as flattering as I would have liked… totally different look on the hanger!

The shirt paired with the pant...

Need a Pedi... but wanted to show my $10 beauty supply flats and nail color


Paisley Dolman Tunic:  Arden B.  –  Orig: $34   Re-Tell: $24.99

Nine & Co. Turquoise Pant:  Kohl’s

Photo Credit: Donna Taylor — do not use without permission

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16 thoughts on “Papparazzi & Paisley

  1. It’s a cute shirt even though it produces a small amount of volume. As you have shown it can be dressed up or down with heels or flats, I say keep it for the vibrant colors and options. Maybe you can cinch it with a belt next time.

    • Thanks Rhoalty!! Maybe I will keep it after all… thx for the tip too – you know if never even crossed my mind to wear a belt of some sort to add some shape?! Good suggestion, I’ll have to try that re-post again 🙂

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    • Hi Jaime!! Thx for visiting — I’ll stop by and hopefully win the giveaway! I could certainly use a statement necklace!!
      I’ll be checking yours as well!

    • Thx Sorren! To be honest I haven’t worn it since and now it’s too cold! You guys have encouraged me to give it another shot so I guess I’ll try it again next season and perhaps pair it with a belt for a different look.

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