The BonVoyage Blues…

A candid moment...

Hi Re-Tell fashionista’s! Back from a wonderful staycation, but even happier to be back bloggin! Well to catch you up, this past weekend was my sister’s BonVoyage party which I threw for her at my home. It turned out to be a really nice gathering and she was so overwhelmed with joy, I however, had to clean up after the party was over! At any rate, I’m glad everyone had a wonderful time and I’m really going to miss her 😦 so I guess it was all worth it. Besides, London isn’t tooo far right?!

My street "mod" look...with sunnies? without?

Well before I left for my mini-vaca I asked you guys if you had any suggestions for a new hair do — well no one offered any so I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I haven’t rocked a “27-piece” in years (2006) but lately I’ve been inspired by short do’s rocked by TyTy (ShopNowSaveLater) and Inez (StyleChic360) and so the transformation took place!

Close ups...

I wound up buying Outre Duby “Kiss”, the hair was already layered so it only had to be thinned and tapered.  While my intention was to keep the style for one week only, I wasn’t able to switch up as quick and we’re going on week #2.  Luckily I have received a TON of compliments so keeping it a little longer hasn’t been a bad thing after all.

Kiwi's Party Invite...

I mentioned previously that my “stayca” was due laregly in part to preparing for my sister’s going away party, did I also mention that I’m going to miss her 😦 ?!  At any rate, tell me what you guys think of the hair! Is it a style to revisit? Till tomorrow ladies…!!


Navy Top:  GAP  –  See previous posts

Green Khaki Cargo Pant:  The Limited  –  See previous posts

Kensie Girl Leopard heels:  See previous posts  

Accessories: Anne Taylor/F21 – See previous posts

Photo Credit: Donna Taylor — do not use without permission

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17 thoughts on “The BonVoyage Blues…

  1. Ok, so you should really consider cutting your hair!
    This look is magnificent on you!!! I love it! So much and alot alot!!! 🙂

    Love the outfit too. Love the green and blue!

    P.S.Thanks for the shoutout. I need a haircut! lol

    • Thanks Inez!! I guess I’ll get the style again…I’m too flaky to actually cut my natural hair but I’m quick to rock a weave!

      Haircut?! Your hair always looks good!

  2. I absoulutely love your hair! and the color combo I have to copy. I have some olive crop pants and cargo pants but no navy top. : (
    I will be copying this look though…very cute.

    • Hi Ericka! Thx — I’m glad I experimented and thanks to you guys’ feedback I just may try it again!

      Can’t wait to see how you remix the look!

  3. I am in love with your hair!! It looks soo good and chic! You outfit is sooooo something i would wear. You look effortless. Ugh, I can only imagine how you must miss your sis, I would die, but that is super sweet that you threw her that bash!

    • Hey Toya!! Thx for giving me feedback on the hair- I haven’t received a bad comment yet so I guess it’s a keeper. I will say the outfit was effortless and very comfy!
      Yea it’s kinda sad that she’s leaving but asking her to stay would be selfish 😦

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    • I got so many compliments I’m definitely going to try it again. You should go for it! The good thing about it is, it’s a weave so I don’t have to actually cut my hair to get the look! Thx for the compliment and thx for visiting!

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