Positively Purple…

Lean back...

Hiya Re-Tell Fashionista’s, it’s Thursday which definitely signals an “almost end” to my work week.  Today’s post, “Positively Purple” is inspired by my own personal need to stay inspired and focused amidst the drama and the naysayers.  I’m cognizant that my personal and professional life will at some point encounter a hiccup or two, perhaps need readjusting or re-evaluated or take a turn from the norm.  It’s called life and so it’s to be expected, my goal is to remain positive and learn from these encounters.  How are you guys staying positive?!


Ok so you know why I’m remaining positive, but what about the purple?! Well, it’s the shoes!! The outfit donned for the day has purple undertones and I also wore a purple cami underneath the sheer top to match my purple suede sling backs. My lipstick (MAC – Fluid) is also purplish in tone and I figured why the heck not — Purple is as regal as it comes!

Full length...the purple suede shoes!

If you guys haven’t noticed, this beaded chain from Ann Taylor has now become one of my faves — I’ve been photo’d in the last couple of posts wearing it and I think the pics do it no justice, it’s absolutely beautiful in person.  Now on to the shoes… Nine West purchased in the winter from 6pm.com for 36 bucks I had yet to wear them. With cooler temps this week I went ahead and took them out of the box! Glad I did, very comfy and the suede is gorge 🙂

Deep thought...Staying Positive


Sheer top:  F21 

Ankle Denim Pant:  NY&Co.

Nine West Suede sling backs: $35.95 — 6pm.com

Photo Credit: Donna Taylor — do not use without permission

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15 thoughts on “Positively Purple…

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  3. Beautiful top! I know exactly what you mean, I try to remember that I have been through worse and hard times make you grateful for the good times 😉 Purple is regal and is a power color!

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