Gold Rush…Sorta

The Deets...

Hey Re-Tell Lovelies! It’s humpday and boy am I tired!! The fall semester is underway and this is my last one! Yay! I’ll be conducting research for my Master’s project this semester and I’m already feeling overwhelmed trying to adjust to the new schedule.  I’ll be fine – just have to take it one day at a time.  I’ve also kicked up my work-out regimen so I’m sure that has added to the fatigue. At any rate, on to today’s outfit post.

Full length mirror shot...

This was actually my outfit worn yesterday but my schedule didn’t allow time for posting. I got the silk pants from Target about month ago and the shirt from NY&Co. in early May and still hadn’t worn it. The shell is sleeveless and thanks to the mild temps, I decided to pair it with a jacket…can you tell I’m ready for Fall?! I added the scarf mainly because it’s pretty but also to pick up some of the blue in the jacket. My new thing this week is scarf + necklace — probably doing too much but I like the “extra” effect!

Side-by-Side close up shot...

Luv Luv Luv this jacket! I think it's the color


Anthracite Jacket:  Marshalls  –  Re-Tell:  $20.00;  See previous post

Feathered Shell:  NY&Co  –  Orig:  $39.95   Re-Tell:  $14.99

Silk blend Pant:  Target  –  Re-Tell:  $12.48

Carlos Shoes:  DSW  –  Orig/Re-Tell:  $59.95

Photo Credit: Donna Taylor — do not use without permission

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14 thoughts on “Gold Rush…Sorta

  1. I love that you give the Re-Tell price. I’ve visited a lot of blogs lately and yours is the only one I’ve seen that gives us something affordable. Let’s face it… not all of us can afford alot of the things some of these bloggers wear. This blog is more along the lines of an everyday person! KUDOS!!

    • Hey Ida!! Thx!!! Yes I do agree — and that was the whole purpose behind the name. I scour clearance racks when shopping and I just want to share my finds!

    • Hi Ashley! I love Curves and Confidence!! Thx for the lovely complimenta and thanks for visiting 🙂
      I’ll be over to check you out shortly!!

    • Heeeey G! Please tell me why I happened to look in my Spam folder and I had like 42 messages– you had sent comments and I had no clue!!! Not being rude — just wanted you to know 🙂
      Thanks girl! For 12 dollars, heck they looked good to me too!

  2. These are great outfits that you pair together, and they are realistic as well. I mean they are everyday wear. Not too chic where the average women wouldn’t have the time or the money to pull together. Keep up the great work

    • Thx Cholly!! That is definitely the purpose of Re-Tell Therapy — to share with other fashionista’s affordable finds! I’m a total believer that affordable isn’t cheap and certainly doesn’t have to look that way!

  3. Love that jacket, my favorite color. Yea for non-traditional students…I am one myself! What are Masters program are you completing? I wonder if Target still has those pants, very nice.

    • I luv the jacket too! I’m convinced it’s the color that attracted me in the first place.
      Target may still have them, I got them this season. I’m working on my Masters in IA (information architecture) — so glad it’s almost over!

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