Red Hott Leopard…

Notice I cut my weave from the previous day. Synthetic hair tends to lose it's lust quickly so I had to chop the frazzled ends 😦

Happy Thursday yall!  It’s September the 1st and it’s the official countdown to my sister’s departure for London (14days), while I’m very happy for her, it’s sad all at the same time.  She’s my shopping buddy, my confidant, my motivational fitness go-to girl and my friend all wrapped up in one.  I don’t know what I’m going to do but the bright side is that I can always go visit London, not the same but still an option.  I think I’ve been in denial the last couple of months but now it’s starting to sink in 😦

Leopard close-ups...

On a lighter note, this week has been great and even better than the last.  I think the endorphins from my work-out regimen are starting to kick back in and I’m returning to a happier place, not that I was ever miserable to begin with… but you get what I’m saying… STAYING POSITIVE!

Interject Random Thought HERE:  Ok so as I am typing today’s post (at work) I see an email come thru and I ask a question aloud to the group surrounding me. Well, the response I received from “person M” was sooo not necessary, warranted, and doesn’t even address the question I asked! See what I mean about staying positive!! Count it all joy – he just mad cuz I’m bloggin and he’s not, quit lookin over my shoulder trying to see what I’m doing anyway…urgh!

Garden poses...

Back to the topic at hand…the outfit.  I think the leopard animal print looks so hott when worn with deep solid colors and I have found that red, brown, black and green are definitely first in line as the go-to colors of choice.  I decided to pair my print with red, which could have easily been worn with black shoes or solid color accessories, but I liked the idea of mixing multiple leopard prints (see shoes, scarf and clutch) much better.

The "clutch" is actually a make-up brush holder from F21 -- it doubles as a clutch for the day!


Red Dress:  Old Navy — Years ago (at least 3 summers)!!

Ruffled Leopard Scarf:  F21  –  Orig/Re-Tell:  $7.80

Clutch/Brush Holder: F21 –  Orig/Re-Tell:  $5.80

Kensie Girl Leopard Mary Jane:  Arundel Mills Mall (outlet)  –  Orig/Re-Tell:  $39.95  –  See previous posts

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35 thoughts on “Red Hott Leopard…

  1. Well I do to be! Isn’t this simply lovely. The print, the dress, the lovely garden in the background, tre chic, darling. I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie those shoes!!!! I leopard shoes can look so chessy some times but these are on point. I always love how red and leopard go perfect together. Another great outfit diva!

  3. Awwww!!! I know what you mean. I am very close with my sister and she lives 5 hours away from me and I am miserable lol. I love the leopard and Red! U look stunning for work 🙂

    • Hey! Work! Work!
      Yea she leaves on Wednesday and I swear I am going “thru”! But I can always visit is what I keep telling myself 🙂
      Thx!! The leopard is toooo hot for TV…I actually carry extra shoes — after the pics the leopard ones come OFF, it’s actually a bit much for my job :-/

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  5. Those heels are really giving me all kinds of life right now. I’m glad you’ve had such a great week! SOmebody should have one if I didnt! Lol

    • Awww, I’ll share some of my good week with ya! The good thing about bad weeks is looking forward to the next! Thx for stopping by — You have a VERY nice pair of LAMB Leopard heels yaself! Wanna trade?!

  6. I love your pairing of red and leopard, I think its such a great combination, like you said. Those heels are amazing, how recently did you get them at Arundel Mills? Hooray for another MD fashion blogger!

    • Hi Cara!! Thx for the compliment and thx for stopping by! I hate to disappoint but I actually reside in Chicago!! I was in Severn MD visiting relatives for a wedding back in May and that’s when I visited Arundel Mills and purchased these fab shoes! The name of the store I believe was “Off Broadway” shoe warehouse and it’s comparable to our “DSW”.

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