Boho Chic…

Infamous "details" snapshot...

Hey Re-Tell Fashionista’s! Happy hump day! Oh how I luv Wednesday’s — anyways I hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe Labor Day weekend. My apologies for not posting yesterday but the start of the work week was banana’s of course…as to be expected! Didn’t do much over the weekend, Monday was extremely cool and dreary outside so I took advantage of the lazy day and slept in!! It was wonderful! You need those days sometimes!

Seeing Double...

At any rate, I wore this outfit on Sunday and the weather out was absolutely beautiful, the tunic with it’s kimono-like sleeves was so comfy and was perfect for the cooler temperature.  I decided to wear my gladiator wedges (Steve Madden look-a-likes) with the gold strap details to offset the gold print in the top. As always, I’ve been wearing my favorite go-to jewelry (a combo of F21, Fossil, Kohl’s, Ann Taylor). I called this post “Boho chic” mainly because of rich color, indian print and flowy shape of the tunic —  which I found at Dots for a mere $16.80!

"No Head"shot!...

If you recall the last post, my weave hair ($10 synthetic) had to be cut because of frayed and frazzled ends so common to cheap synthetic hair.  Well it didn’t quite last through the weekend, so my natural hair is in transition at the moment, thus the ponytail.  It has been confirmed (by family & friends) that I have big a$$ head, I guess that’s why I couldn’t fit it in the picture above! Ha…lol!


Well guys, I’ve been composing my fall lust & must list for weeks now!! Hopefully, I’ll be able to share it with you guys in the near future. I haven’t had a chance to respond or visit blogs in a few days so bear with me as I catch up.  As always thx for visiting!


Maroon imprinted Tunic:  Dots  –  Orig/Re-Tell:  $16.80

Brown skinny pant:  NY&Co.

Wedges:  Arundel Mills Mall (outlet)  –  Orig/Re-Tell: $34.95

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