Almost there…

Ann Taylor Loft: Linen Pant and Top

Hi Re-Tell lovelies!! It’s a dreary, rainy, cool day here in Chi city, a definite sign that Fall is almost upon us.  While I must admit, summer is not one of my favorite seasons but I’m still not in a hurry to see it go! I awoke this morning and shuffled through my closets to find an outfit to wear, when it dawned on me that it’s almost time to break out the cool weather clothing. In a hasty attempt to wear the last of my summer clothes NOT worn or photo’d, I wound up with this.

A glimpse...

...jacket over shoulder

That’s right, a linen pant and rayon shell purchased way back in April from Ann Taylor Loft. It was one of those must have impulsive buys (it was the color!) that I was sure I would get to rock waaay before September.  The fact that I didn’t is a clear indication that I need to slow down on the shopping and shop in my closet instead.  I picked up the statement necklace (a whopping $6.49) along with some other accessories (feathered earrings, belt) from Ashley Stewart this past weekend.  I wore it mainly to match the gold hardware on my jacket…insane I know!

Looking from the 33rd foor...

As you see, new hair ‘do!! That’s right — as you know my last hairstyle had to be taken down prematurely because of the frazzled ends, soooooo, since my next appointment (for hair extensions) isn’t for another week, I figured I would rock this ‘do in the meantime, plus I have a wedding to attend on Saturday (pics to come).  The style is an official “28 piece”! Who knew that Remi hair now comes in 28 pieces — I’ve been out of touch. Oh well, counting down until my sister leaves 😦 … you guys have to help me through this!!

Notice I finally changed my jewelry!...


Hollywood Hudson jacket:  Marshalls  –  Re-Tell:  $24.99; 

Rayon Shell:  Loft  –  Orig:  $44.50   Re-Tell:  $26.70

Linen Pant:  Loft  –  Orig:  $69.50   Re-Tell:  $41.70

Cole Haan Pewter pumps:  DSW

Necklace:  Ashley Stewart  –  Re-Tell:  $6.49

Photo Credit: Donna Taylor — do not use without permission

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19 thoughts on “Almost there…

  1. I found your blog about 3 weeks ago and have been lurking but never posted. But seeing the new hair do I had to post, that is sharp it looks great on you!! From one short hair sista to another you are rocking that!!!

    I also, love your style. Lately I’ve been on the hunt for inspiration to help me recycle/remix my wardrobe and get back serious again about dressing. I think I dress pretty good now, but I felt I wasn’t putting as much time into it as I should’ve like I used.

    I was even been inspired by your blog and some others to start a new blog (I already have another) to not just talk about fashion, but to inspire people to know they can not only look good on the outside but feel good about themselves on the inside as well! That is what I discovered about myself when looking at all these wonderful blogs!!

    Thank you for the inspiration!!

    • Awwwww thx Carsedra and thx for visiting!! It feels good to know that I inspire others — I like clothes, I luv shopping and my only mission was to share with people that you can get some really nice clothes for the same cost as a meal, if not cheaper!

      I really luv this blogging community and the outpouring of support and encouragement! In these past couple of months I’ve also embraced my own style but I’ve also picked up a few pointers from the other fashionista’s! Congrats on the new blog– It really is about feeling good and taking care of self!! I’ll be sure to add you to my blogroll so I can follow! Thx again for your kind words and visiting my blog!!

    • LOL!! Hey Lynn!! Gurl u are the sweetest! Your comments scream from the page and assure me that I’ve done ok!! I think the short style is a keeper so I’ll definitely be rocking the “28 piece” again!

    • Hi my favorite Cholly! I can imagine just how you said “F I E R C E”! Thx for supporting by blog — I’m no expert but I’m glad you visit for your “weekly fix”! Feature you in the future?

    • Thx!! I don’t get much wear out of the jacket but it’s definitely a fave! I figured I needed to wear those linens now otherwise I wouldn’t have a chance until next year!

    • HI Prissy! Thx for visiting 🙂
      I luv that jacket and since the colors were similar I took the leap…It’s something about that short hair ‘do that goes with the “roughness” of the jacket!

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