Re-Tell Remix…


Hiya Re-Tell Lovelies! I took these pics on Friday and started this post later that evening while relaxin in bed (house to myself), and listening to “Poetic Justice” on the tube! Gotta luv those days!  Anyways,  I fell asleep (super-tired) and never got around to hitting “publish”! So here’s to today’s post!


With the sarong...and of course without.

Titled “Re-Tell Remix” because the look was totally re-mixed the “Lea-way”, lately I’ve been obsessing over the safari style jackets and vests seen on the one and only Blair from Atlantic-Pacific.  Major style people, luv her — check her out if you haven’t! Anyways, when I saw that TyTy over at ShopNowSaveLater copped a similar vest at Old Navy, of course I went to buy it! While there, I saw the mustard gingham shirt so I purchased that as well, along with a sarong ($2.50) that I’ve worn as a scarf.  And now for my inspiration…

Inspired by Blair of Atlantic-Pacific...

Though our outfits are quite different, I was totally inspired by her layered looks as well as the utilitarian vest/jacket and gingham shirt. Though it crossed my mind, wearing shorts just wouldn’t have been feasible (for a number of reasons) and so, wide-legged pants and clogs were substituted for shorts and pumps.

Close ups...

...the deets!


Gingham Shirt:  Old Navy – Orig: $24.94  –  Re-Tell: $19

Cargo Vest:  Old Navy – Orig: $34.94  –  Re-Tell: $25

Sarong:   Old Navy  –  Re-Tell: $2.50 (final clearance)

Brown Flare Leg Pant:  Marshalls  –  Orig/Re-Tell: $19.99

Ralph Lauren Clogs:  DSW

Photo Credit: Donna Taylor — do not use without permission

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4 thoughts on “Re-Tell Remix…

    • Hey Carsedra!! Thx! I loved the sarong and all of it’s colors — glad I rocked it as a scarf!
      I will definitely keep you in mind with the holidays coming up, I know I’ll need some sweets — This will be my first time cooking *fingers crossed*!

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