Hat Days…Military + Plaid

Double Take...

Hey Re-Tell luvlies!! Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!! Today’s post will be short and sweet with a little surprise — I wanna say thx to all of my close friends and family for checkin in on me while mom & sis are in the UK!! Mom returns from the UK on Monday and the transition has been rough but my sister finally seems to be settling in comfortably.  Hugs & Kisses to Cuzin’s Challie & Poo Poo Shon, they were one of the first to call!!  It’s gonna be rainy all week + my hair appointment isn’t till Sunday so I’m rockin nothing but nuetrals (brown, green, khaki) and hats!!

Rainy Days are here...

And now for the surprise!! This week, I’ll be adding a feature to my blog entitled “Therapy Thursdays”, I’ve teamed up with a colleague of mine to offer my readers a “Spin on Therapy”, Dr. Dee as she prefers to be called will be offering advice and taking questions to be featured every Thursday.  She’s currently studying to receive her Master’s degree in family counseling, so the questions can run the gamut, from love and relationships to managing friends, co-workers, kids or perhaps you want another point of view — Dr. Dee is here to help!!  Look for the “Therapy Thursdays” page coming soon and feel free to reach out and ask questions via email to dr.dee@re-telltherapy.com! (No worries, all questions are confidential and featured posts will remain anonymous!)


Military Jacket:  Marshalls  –  Orig/Re-Tell: $19.99.  Also worn here in black.

Daisy Fuentes Jeans:  Kohl’s

Plaid Scarf:   Forever 21  –  Orig/Re-Tell: $8.80)

Navy Hat:  Target  –  Orig/Re-Tell: $9.99

Green Wedges:  F21  –  Orig/Re-Tell: $25.80

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9 thoughts on “Hat Days…Military + Plaid

  1. Girl stop, your hair looks great. And congrats on reaching APL! I saw that on a previous post…it really does look healthy, you’re not giving yourself enough credit! I really love this look…I want to incorporate more jackets into my look, but I always have a problem with them fitting my arms which are extremely thick. So, I either have restricting arms with a tailored fit, or comfortable arms with a big baggy fit…*sigh* LOL! My solution is to lose a lil weight but TONE MY ARMS!

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