Hat Days…More Rain, More Green

Still Raining...

Hiya Re-Tell Fashionista’s!! It’s Thursday and only one day left in the work week…Yay! Well the forecast for this morning was — rain, and for the entire week — rain some more! You’d have thought it was Spring around here with the constant drizzle but since I’m hair challenged this week it really doesn’t matter what the weather does.

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago (maybe 2) I stopped in at Target to browse the Missoni line and maybe cop a few items (#EPICFAIL see previous post), well when that didn’t quite work out, I decided to substitute my Missoni “wants” with other items I wouldn’t mind adding to the wardrobe.  None of these were sale priced (NOT a usual for me) but since my sister left the country, I figured “what the hell, I’m sad this will cheer me up” … lol!

The blazer & hat close up shots...

Sooooo, I wound up purchasing a crepe blouse, a sweater, 2 hats, a scarf and this blazer — mind you this was my first Target run.  On the second one (a week later), I purchased a sweater, a tank, a shirt and and 2 pair of jeans.  By the time reality kicked in, most of these impulse buys were taken back! Yep, that’s how I roll — I shop and I return — but we’ll save that for another post.  At any rate, the hats stayed and so did this blazer!

I paired the blazer with one of my favorite rompers that I haven’t worn since last summer! With the color being olive green and so appropriate for Fall, I figured I could rock it with tights and ankle boots OR booties and transform the look for this season. Let me know what ya think!

With hat... and without...

The blazer reminds me of Sherlock Holmes and I luv that it’s collar-less with the patched elbows — I’ve seen the “patched” trend in a number of stores this season and in comparing the prices I didn’t mind the $34.99 price tag.  H&M has one that I absolutely love and would have much rather preferred but unfortunately I couldn’t locate it in my size :-(.  Anyways, since the weather has been dreary, my pics are super dark. I decided to experiment today with some settings and adjustments in Photoshop — just added a little more yellow to my green!


Blazer:  Target  –  Orig/Re-Tell: $34.99

Green Romper:  NY&Co., purchased 2 summers ago

Ankle Boots:   NineWest

Brown Hat:  Target  –  Orig/Re-Tell: $9.99

Dana Buchman Jewelry:  Kohl’s  –  See previous post

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12 thoughts on “Hat Days…More Rain, More Green

  1. Love this look!!!… Great idea to turn your summer romper into a fall item with the tights. That would be perfet here in Cali since we dont really have a “winter”… We just get a chill…LOL

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