Hat Days…At my limit!

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Tired of hats!...

Hey yall!! Happy Tuesday — hope you’re enjoying the beginning of the work week.  Well today’s post features my last “hat pic” which was taken last week during our gloomy and extremely damp weather.  It’s titled “At my limit” for a number of reasons, some reasons more surface than others.  At any rate, it’s a new week with warm “Indian Summer” temps and I am definitely at my limit for wearing hats! Got my hair done on Sunday yall so lets kiss the hats goodbye for awhile!

With the jacket...and of course without

On to more recent events that have really pushed my limit… if you guys recall, back in Spring I talked of being very busy, especially with school and posting for my current position. Well here it is Fall and I’ve just received news that I did not get the job!  While I do appreciate the support and words of encouragement from close friends and family and I am greatful to still be employed, it really takes something from you when you feel you’ve been misjudged, overlooked and “duped” out of what you believe is rightfully yours.  On my quest to stay positive — negativity gets no facetime here — I strongly believe that when one door closes another will open up!

I like the side-by-side pics where it appears that somehow I'm looking at myself thru the white border ... lol

So I won’t dwell or continue to give the situation any more attention than needed.  I received the news on Friday, cried over the weekend and now today I’ve blogged about it. In an effort to not be consumed, I’ll dress for success tomorrow ladies!! Have a lovely week and as always thx for visiting and supporting my little blog project!


Blue Button up:  Banana Republic  –  Orig:  $69.50   Re-Tell:  $18.99

Corduroy Skirt:  Banana Republic  –  Orig:  $59.50   Re-Tell:  $20.99

Ankle Boots:   F21 — See previous posts

Hat/Belt:  Old Navy — See previous posts

Jacket:  Target  –  Orig:/Re-Tell:  $29.99

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9 thoughts on “Hat Days…At my limit!

  1. You already know something BIGGER & BETTER is in your future so they can keep that position! That is all. In other news…yay for BEAUTIFUL weather this week! I seriously don’t even know what to wear so I will be looking to you for inspiration! (no pressure lol).

    • Thx for the encouragement Rita!!!
      Yesssssssss, can you believe this?! It’s total Indian Summer round here and I am luvin it! I can try to help Rita but you know I’m NO expert!!

    • You are so right!! This is why I turn to you guys– always supportive with encouraging words! I’m done with it, “perfect for me” is coming!

  2. Love your attitude…you had your moment now you’re moving on! Great job. Can’t wait to see some pics of the freshly “done” hair!!! I left an award for you on my blog btw! 😉

    • Hey Ebony!! Just finally getting around to all of my comments — Luv the award, thx so much! Yea the freshly “done” hair isn’t mine but it’s a switch off from the current weave!! Thx for reading my post and encouraging me to move on!!! Very well said! It’s hard but I can I do it!

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