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Hiya Re-Tell lovelies!! It’s hump day (dancing in my chair !!) and we’re getting closer to the weekend.  Today I participated in “BDIB: Animal Print“, it’s the blogger link-up where a ton of style bloggers submit there own rendition of a particular trend, it’s really cool and I’ve participated before — make sure you visit “PrettyShinySparkly” and scroll down to see all the submissions!  For this one, I submitted the post “Red Hott Leopard” — you’ve seen it before but I figured it was most befitting for today’s link-up.

On the bridge...

Believe me when I say we’re in the midst of an Indian Summer!  The weather out is absolutely gorgeous and the temps will be as high as 78degrees for the remainder of the week.  That works well with me, that means I get a chance to rock some of the lightweight jackets I’ve purchased and have yet to wear.  In case you guys didn’t know I shop A LOT!  And for as much as I go shopping it’s very important for me to pick up items on SALE! I don’t buy in bulk, I pick out pieces here and there and of course I stalk higher priced items until they are marked down…which brings me to:

"The Jacket" -- 1/2

I have been eyeing this darn jacket for the longest!  I get the coupons and emails from The Limited and when I first saw this jacket way back when (July-Aug) I was thinking I had to have it for just the color alone!  It’s leatherette and the price tag was a whopping $148.00 bucks. I refused to shell out that kinda dough and began searching for a similar one but to no avail. Sooooo when I received the email that The Limited was offering buy one get one free — I jumped on it!  $148 isn’t bad for two jackets and of course I DIDN’T pay $148!

Lucky me, I had an additional coupon for $50 off $150 or more! I purchased the jacket at $148 with a pair of earrings so my total could exceed the $150, got my free jacket which was priced at $128 and spent a little over a hundred bucks.  I essentially payed $50 for each jacket (not bad IMO!).  I’ll be sure to wear the other one soon — they are definitely for fashion and NOT warmth.

Outfit Details...

Feeling Re-Freshed...

Make sure you guys tune in tomorrow for the latest addition to my blog titled “Therapy Thursday’s”!!  Dr. Dee (who is not me — her bio is coming soon) is here to dish the dirt and give advice from her perspective.  She’s received two questions thus far so ladies keep the questions rolling! You can email (anonymously if you’d like) to!


Jacket:  The Limited  –  Orig: $148  Re-Tell:  $$50

Scarf:  Burlington Coat Factory  –  Orig/Re-Tell:  $7.99

Sweater/Slacks: Banana Republic

Cole Haan Shoes:  DSW  –  See previous posts

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13 thoughts on “Re-Freshed…

    • Hey Ms. Grant!! Yea, the color did it for me!
      lol@where is the animal print post! — Nothing new or even recent but I wanted to participate and it’s the only animal print on here!
      Thx for stopping by!

    • Hey G!!!! Thx! You know I luv Financial Fridays as well — we girls have to look good but not go broke in the process!! Thx for stopping by!!

    • Hi Ebony!! Yep this is the new do’ for awhile — I got a sew in on Sunday and took my other weave out. I figured this would be good for Fall — *fingers crossed*! I see that you also are opting for a sew-in, can’t wait to see pics!

      Thank you Thank you Thank you for the award!! I’ll be sure to pass it on tomorrow! 🙂

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