Running Red Lights…

Fire Engine Red...

Hiya Re-Tell Luvlies!! It’s Friday — YAY!! And I am ready for the weekend! Nothing planned, how about you guys?!  Lots to talk about today but first things first…A huge hug to all the luvlies who visit Re-Tell Therapy and constantly show love, your support and encouraging words this week meant alot!  I’ve been slacking on my comments but just know I visit your blogs regularly for ideas and inspiration!!  A thank you to all of those who visited from PrettyShinySparkly’s blogger link-up, I’ve had a blast discovering new blogs — I’ll be frequently checkin in on you all!

In the canteen snapping pictures after work...

I believe I told you guys the temps in Chicago for this week were upper 70’s approaching 80!  I decided to use the weather as an opportunity to at least try the “White after Labor Day” thing!  I didn’t go as far as the white pants but I did do my summer blazer over my bright red…ooooook so tell me WHY i felt like John Travolta (Saturday Night Fever) with this jacket on and a sailor with the scarf! HA! And the red flare leg pants with the red patent pumps (pics below) — overkill!!! LMAO! I’m no expert but a work in progress ladies — don’t judge!

I luv the blue background!...

Have you guys had a chance to check out the “Therapy” Thursday’s page?!  Well “Therapy” Thursday’s is a new feature to my blog and the first post by Dr. Dee was made yesterday!  She will soon be creating her own blog and will continue to offer her perspective and opinions here on Re-Tell Therapy.  She received some more questions yesterday after the debut of “Therapy” Thursday’s and will be responding quickly — make sure you check out her Bio and tune in next Thursday!

The full shot with the shoes...they weren't this loud when worn previously!

Ok so the shoes were worn here and they didn’t look as loud, I think it’s the pants in conjunction with the shoe!  Well I don’t consider it a total #FAIL otherwise I wouldn’t have posted but I will be tweaking the outfit if I ever decide to wear this combination again!

Last but not least, I’d like to share with you guys my “Kreativ Blogger Award” which was given to me by my long haired blogger buddy Ebony of “Longing for Length”.  She has a strict hair care regimen that has paid off and her locks are flowing — she has inspired me to keep the glue out and try to bring back some luster to my natural hair.  Be sure to visit her blog!  The rules of the award are as follows, I have to fill out a form with details about myself and award other bloggers deserving of the award!  Since doing the BDIB blogger link-up and discovering so many new and cool blogs, I’m going to wait and repost — so be on the look out for that one! Till next time yall — Enjoy your weekend ladies!!!

See you guys next week!!!


White Blazer:  NY&Co.  –  See previous posts

Red Shirt:  Old Navy Factory Store

Red Pant:  Macy’s  –  Orig:  $69.50  Re-Tell:  $55.60

Unlisted Red Patent Pumps:  Marshalls  –  Orig/Re-Tell:  $24.99

Scarf:  Express  –  Gifted

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14 thoughts on “Running Red Lights…

  1. I love the fit of this blazer and I was pleasantly surprised its from NY&Co! I may hit them up this wkend…I need more blazers in my life! lol. Can’t wait to see your responses, thx for the lovely compliment!

    • Hey Ebony! Yep, but I purchased it way back in spring (April/May). I need to step my blazer game up too — I’m gonna try Goodwill for that though.

      Glad you liked the fit– sometimes I think I’m doing waaaaay to much, especially with the head to toe red! You’re welcome!!

  2. I love your hair girl! This weather has been beautiful, hasn’t it? That scarf reminds me of my aunt growing up she always was so super fly and wore a scarf very similar to the one you have. I love red, it’s pretty on you.

    • Awwww thx Bri! If you notice, I rotate the same hairstyles — I’m tryin to get it together and try something new.

      Girl my mom was the same way — stayed with a scarf! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on red and here I was thinking purple was my color! Wasn’t that weather BEAUTIFUL! It’s gone now though 😦

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