Blog Award and the 100th Post Giveaway…

Vintage Gap: Sweater (Leather Front -- Size: XL) with Leather Handbag!

Hiya Re-Tell Fashionista’s!!! Happy Tuesday and a great start to the week :-)!  Really quickly — I noticed that I’m finally approaching my 100th post! Yay — Sooooooooo let’s celebrate!! I’ve decided to do a giveaway contest and since it’s Fall, one lucky winner will receive the Vintage Gap items pictured above — perfect for Fall weather!  Both are in good condition and I’m sure it will make a fabulous addition to some Fashionista’s wardrobe.  The rules for entering are as follows:

1.  You must first subscribe to OR simply display the “Got Therapy” badge somewhere on your site! Visit the “Got Therapy?” page for instructions.

2.  Visit regularly and be on the lookout for the post titled “100…”.

3.  On the day of the “100th post”, leave a comment, which only needs to include your name and email address. Comments submitted AFTER that day will NOT qualify. No more than one entry per person.

That’s it! I’ll then post the winner (chosen by and contact them via email!  Now… On to the Kreativ Blogger Award!

Kreativ Blogger Award...

Well to catch you up from last week, I believe I informed you guys on Friday that this week I’d be passing along the Kreativ Blog Award! I didn’t want to do this on Friday because I’ve discovered some new blogs and I wanted to take my time and compile my list!  Well to my surprise, “G” from “What’s More Important Than Fashion” also presented me with the same award! Madd “blogger luv” to G (What’s More Important Than Fashion) and Ebony (Longing 4 Length) for the award — be sure to check these ladies out! Rules of the award:

  1. Link back to the person who passed you the award
  2. Complete the form below
  3. Award 10 Blogs & drop them a line about it
  4. Share 7 random things about yourself


  • Name your favorite song: Love lots of songs but my go-to classics are “Love’s Gonna Last” — Jeffree, “Soon As I Get Home” — Faith, “What’s it Gonna Be?” — SWV
  • Name your favorite dessert: Hmmm… ice cream & cupcakes
  • What pisses you off: Bad drivers and people who are lazy, impatient, judgemental, nosy or use others
  • When you’re upset, you: Frown
  • Your favorite pet: Sugar
  • Black or white: White
  • Your biggest fear:  Losing my mind; OR being broke and sick at the same time
  • Best feature: My smile
  • Everyday attitude: Everyday I’m thankful; Attitude depends on the day;
  • What is perfection: A perception
  • Guilty pleasure: Shopping – duh! And so many other things…

7 Randoms

Trying not to repeat the same random facts from my previous award, or my Informal Friday post, here’s another seven!

Excited about running in the upcoming Trick or Treat Trot as well as the Hot Chocolate 5K/15K. Perhaps, I’ll do a post about it!

I used to go “Steppin” weekly on Thursday/Friday nights — I’m no pro but I can follow 🙂

I read … a lot

I’m a slight hypochondriac, a little melodramatic and touched with just a taste of OCD

I obsess over reality TV — Tia & Tamera, wives of any kind (Real Housewives, Basketball wives, etc…) and documentary type shows like American Greed, First 48, Cold Case, FBI Files — to name a few.

My mother still calls to wake me up in the morning

This took waaaaaay longer than I thought!

And the Kreativ Blogger Award goes to…

A Sassy Women — Luv her and her blog!  Ashley is a sweetie pie and her blog dishes up more than fashion — it encompasses beauty, fashion on a budget, health and life.

Positively Ida — Ida’s blog is simply beautiful and definitely a positive space. Check her blog regularly for the “Quote of the Day” or just kick back and read as she shares her inspirational stories and philosophies, but always with positivity at the root.

L.A. Lynn —  Lynn is another sweetie pie whose blog I enjoy and visit regularly! She’s fun and stylish and also in the process of opening her online accessory shop. I believe she has already been given this award but I still wanted to make mention.

Love of Style by Erika — Erika, my girl to the east (Detroit), is getting “Back to the Basics”!  A 30 something fashionista and 1/2 creator of f.a.s.h.DET is promising us juicy goods on all things fashion as well as recipes!

Naja Diamond — Naja is a newbie to me!  After discovering her from last week’s BDIB challenge, I decided to give her the award. Like her style and figured you guys would too!

Well ladies… That’s it for me today! Check in with ya tomorrow!

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13 thoughts on “Blog Award and the 100th Post Giveaway…

  1. I just started following Naja also after she was a feature on Love her blog!!! Will check out the others also.

    Girl, I’m drooling over that jacket, I absolutely love it! Thanks for doing the award tag – I love reading random facts about folks.

    • Yea, I read on her blog that she was featured there.

      Be sure to enter to win it!! Whoever gets it will luv it!
      Yep, I liked reading yours and the others as well — I did not know you were and AKA!

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