Right on Target…


Hiya Fashionista’s and Happy Happy Hump Day!  First up, I want to remind you guys of the 100th post giveaway!! We’re getting closer so be on the look out for the post entitled “100…”!

Next up I want to revert back to the week before last when I mentioned I did not get the job I applied for.  I was pretty down and I made a promise to myself to not dwell or remain negative about the whole thing, well as it turns out — the person in the position is my former manager!  He’s more than qualified and of the two of us I believe the decision was in the best interest of the team and not personal.  Sometimes (in our careers) when we don’t get that promotion or raise, our minds begin to speculate and think the entire company is on attack to sabotage or damage our careers.  Well maybe not that extreme – but you get the point.  I admit I was guilty of thinking the decision was personal instead of business and rather than let this “job thing” consume me I moved from a negative place to a positive and as it turns out it’s not what I thought to begin with.  Life is short, move around!

Merona for Target...

Anyways, on to the outfit! Last week was our “Indian Summer” and it’s continued well into this week too, the outfit shown here is one worn last week that I hadn’t gotten around to posting.  Today’s title “Right on Target” is because the entire outfit (excluding the shoes & jewelry) was purchased at … TARGET (you probably guessed that already from the caption above)!!!  The outfit was super comfy, and I luv the vibrant print and colors of the cardi.

Cardi & Tank...

The pants aren’t slack material, their actually cotton and very soft — I luv the flared legs cuz I’m sick and tired of the skinny especially how they drape over my pumps.  I figured I’ll go back to the more fitted denims in winter when I can tuck them into my boots.  Is it me or is anybody else out there bored with the “skinny” denims/pants trend?  Me personally, I’m opting for boot cuts and flared legs this fall to add some variety to my looks.  That’s it for today ladies!! Thx for visiting and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for “Therapy Thurday’s”!



Cardi:  Target – Orig/Re-Tell:  $32.99

Tank:  Target – Orig/Re-Tell:  $9.99

Pant:  Target – Orig/Re-Tell:  $32.99

Joan & David: DSW – Orig: ? Re-Tell: $44.99

Jewelry:  Dana Buchman (Kohl’s)/Ashley Stewart – See previous posts

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13 thoughts on “Right on Target…

  1. The accessories are adorable and you already know when MAN close one door GOD opens another one! Keep positive & keep on keeping on chica!!!! And, congrats to 100 posts… I will be looking forward to the 100!!!! Yayyy…

    • Hey Lynn! Yep you are sooo right — can’t put it any other way!
      Hey I gave you an award yesterday… my apologies for not telling you sooner :-/ I move slow sometimes!

    • Hey Ida! Yea I really liked the cardi and that was really my main reason for posting — the colors were so rich to me, but I’m a fan of the darker hues anyway.

  2. Love this!

    Its funny you mentioned the trend getting old, I was in TJMaxx this weekend and brought three pair of jeans which are not fitted. I love a nice pair of jeans that can fit a curvy figure – Levi/DKNY brought my that for under 80.00! I don’t even own a pair of skinny jeans…everytime I went to put some on it just felt and looked uncomfortable (I love leggings though!) though I suppose a pair of “jeggings” for the new riding boots I recently scored at Marshall’s for the fall are in order.

    Ladies are jeggings a “good” trend? I don’t own a pair but don’t want skinny jeans plus comfort gives me LIFE….

    Sorry to jack your comments Lea but I need some assistance here.

    • Hey Bri!!! Jeggings are waaaay more comfy, I would have to agree. I’m not disowning them, but it seems like I wear them waaaaay tooo much! Soooo I’m gonna put them on the back-burner for awhile.

      LMAO@”jack your comments”… feel free! I’ll let the other fashionista’s help with this one!

  3. I love my skinny jeans/pants, probably because I love to see my curves, lol. I can’t find a pair of nice flare jeans to save my life, still looking.

    I love when adults can look at situations from another prospective and see the good in a situation, it shows maturity. Not everyone is able to do that. Glad you were able to over come and move on to a better place =)

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