Pumpkin Patch…

Pumkins smack dab in the middle of the city... luv Chicago!

Happy Friday yall!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and looking forward to the weekend! Any major plans? None for me, as mentioned previously, I’ll be participating in 2 upcoming races so I will be spending my early mornings (Sat. & Sun.) doing speed work and this evening I’ll be in bootcamp getting some strengthening exercises in.  The rest of my time will be spent on my Master’s Project — time to start piecing together my research. I’m a little nervous but excited to see the final product!

"The Jacket" -- 2/2

Sooooo00, today’s post “Pumpkin Patch” has a lot to do with Fall, pumpkins, the color orange and last but not least the “Pumpkin Smash” from Jamba Juice!! Well I decided to take this pic in front of the “makeshift” pumpkin patch across the street from the job wearing the second jacket purchased from The Limited mentioned in this post.  The jacket is that micro-suede material but once again it was the richness of the orange color that made me purchase.

The Deets...

Ok sooooo I know I told you guys I was annoyed with the “skinny” trend and here I am rocking — skinny denims! This is why ladies…it must stop! Ok so enough about the skinny let’s get to this “Pumpkin Smash” at Jamba Juice! WHY am I soooooo addicted? They only serve it for a limited time only and I swear it’s pumpkin pie in a cup.  Such a delicious treat — they need to hurry and take it away soon!

Close-up of ... me! I know, I know -- you've seen enuff!

Well ladies, enjoy your weekend!! We’re getting closer to the 100th post giveaway so be sure to stay tuned and look for the post titled “100…” to win the GAP sweater jacket and handbag.  Did anyone catch this week’s “Therapy Thursday’s” entry?  Very good sound advice from Dr. Dee, keep the questions coming! — Till next week Fashionista’s!!


Micro-suede Jacket:  The Limited – Orig: $128   Re-Tell:  $50.00

Denim:  NY&Co – See previous posts

Shirt:  Target – Orig/Re-Tell:  $21.99

Scarf:  Target – Orig/Re-Tell:  $12.99

Suede Booties: NineWest – See previous posts

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19 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch…

    • Hey Ida!! Girrl these shoes are from last fall! BUT you can go to 6pm.com — it’s an outlet and they usually have all past season shoes on SALE! lol!

    • Thx!! Yea I like all of your hairstyles though. I recently saw that you wear a lace front!! Who knew?! That’s the best lace front I’ve seen!

      Thx for the compliment, my sister thinks I’m “loud” cause I like color and busy print…lol!! Yes, I’ll definitely come to Miami and shop — Chicago isn’t bad for shopping either!

    • Heeeey Bri!!! Thx!! I purchased em cuz they were on sale of course but I’m actually getting a lot of wear out of em!
      What is up with this weather?!

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