Star Wars…

It's the lights!

Hiya Re-Tell hunnies and Happy Hump Day!! I first want to give a huge hug to all of you (new and old) who take time out of your day to visit Re-Tell Therapy and see what I’m up to! Sorry to leave you ladies hangin yesterday but I didn’t get a chance to post — busy busy busy! Anyways, moving on to today’s rant… The weather outside is frigid, rainy, windy, dreary! I’ve been uber tired and not even wanting to go to work let alone put any effort in dressing for the workday! So what you see here ladies is the result of yesterday’s laziness!

The Deets... Jacket and Boots!

So If you guys hadn’t noticed by now — I’m a “color” girl! I prefer colors to the more subdued hues (blk/gray) but yesterday was definitely a “black” day.  I seldom get a chance to wear my Steve Madden leatherette (mainly because Chi has only two seasons — cold & hot) so I figured I could wear the jacket with my BR skinnies and my new booties and call it a day. #FAIL! The weather was toooo cool so I grabbed my blazer and my scarf instead BUT I packed the other jacket with my running clothes so I can snap a pic and show you guys my original look.  Speaking of running…

"The Alternate"... due to cold weather, I had to opt for the blazer and scarf (my scarfs have become jewelry these days)!

So after work I went to “Chick’s Night Out” at Fleet Feet Sports, it’s their weekly group “fun run” for women only. Totally fun and totally free, plus it assists me with my training for my upcoming races.  Let’s just say ladies that last night’s run was hard as hell!  Luckily you’re with a group so they motivate you the whole way — but boy was that wind whipping off the lakefront, pounding my chest!  Call me crazy, BUT it was such a good run and I got the best sleep ever!!  I used to go faithfully about 2 years ago and I’m glad I started going back — looking forward to next week!

Star wars! Our conference center at work looks like a command center off a space craft -- that's the reason for the post title!

Last but not least, be on the lookout for the 100th post (hint: coming early next week) to win the GAP items.  I’ll be adding the “Got Therapy” page soon so you can grab a “Got Therapy” badge.

Tomorrow is “Therapy Thursday’s” yall so be sure to check in for that as well. Until next time fashionista’s!!


Steve Madden Jacket:  Marshall’s – Orig/Re-Tell:  $39.99

Blazer:  GAP – Gifted

White Shirt:  NY&Co – Orig: $26.50   Re-Tell:  $14.99

Pant:  Banana Republic

B. Makowsky Booties:  DSW – Orig: $139.95   Re-Tell:  $59.97 ($10 reward + 50% off)

Jones New York Scarf:  Pay-half  –  Re-Tell: $5.57

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10 thoughts on “Star Wars…

  1. I know that Star Wars feel, our new office remodeling for the downtown office is Orange/Blue and Plexiglass gone soooo bad with contemporary steel like chairs….

    Love that ruffle jacket, I may have to hunt that down!

  2. Lea I love both looks on you, I really like the leather jacket gives it a more edgy look!! And you are right the walls/lights do remind me of star wars lol!! I’m thinking about making scarves my jewelry too because the weather here in ATL is like the weather in the Chi. cold, rainy and cloudy uugghh! I don’t think I’m as prepared as I need to be for the cold weather!! LOL I need more sweaters, slacks, blouses, heel/pumps for work. I really need more casual clothes too, shoot I need it all. But, since I’m losing weight I have clothes I have been holding on to that I should be able to get back into soon!! 🙂

    I’m so glad to hear you amped up the workout (as you mentioned on my blog). One of my goals is to run a marathon one day too. Plus, jogging/running to me is a great way to clear your head and think. And thank you for the motivation you’ve been giving me I really appreciate it!! 🙂

    Carsedra of:

  3. IDK HOW YOU RAN WITH THAT WIND!!! Kudos to you! It’s been so miserable the last few days =/ In othher news, that Steve Madden jacket is too too cute!

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