99 Problems…


Had to take a hair leave amongst other things...

Hiya Re-Tell Fashionista’s!!! I’m sooooo very sorry for the unannounced break, but as we all know, life can sometimes get in the way.  I titled today’s post “99 Problems” not because of any major problems in my life right now but as a clue to this post’s number! I had announced weeks ago that I would be having a 100th post give-away and then I vanish!  I told everyone to be on the look out for the post titled “100…” then I stop posting! Sooooo I guess it’s only fair that I let you in on a little secret – this is the 99th post AND I will be doing the 100th post give-away in the NEAR future AND I’m also going to keep it open longer due to my inconsistency! FAIR enough?!

Hat days returned quicker than expected...

And now on to the reasons why I took an almost 3 week hiatus… first up is school! As you all know I’m in the last semester of my Master’s program and for weeks I had been researching content for my first (near-final) draft. Well after gathering all the research the writing had to commence and it took way longer than I ever anticipated. I was stuck on page 1 for days, then I’d progress to page 5 and be stuck for more days at a time, I admit I’m no writer and that ish was hard. Let me tell you, it took almost 3 weeks of intense effort trying to avoid submitting a paper whose content is a hodge podge of plagiarized words with no real direction or conclusion! I think I finally got it right y’all, the jury is still out but we shall see — I’ll keep you posted!

Vest on consignment...

On to the outfit pics and reason #2! My hair of course :-). I totally didn’t want to return to weeks of “Hat Days” posts (like some of the pics above), the bangs on my weave had grown an inch above my furry brows and hair was the last thing on my mind as I juggled school, work, a mild cold and life in general. Soooo no posts until I had a hair “refresh”!  Pictured are this weeks hair + some of my fab finds purchased some time ago, the striped sweater from f21 for $15.99, the red leather vest from a consignment store for $15.00 and the flare-legged jeggings from Target for $22.

Vest, Flare Legs, F21 booties...

And now I want to share my “not-so-fab, keeping it anyway purchase” — the tall boots from 6pm.com for $48.50 pictured waaaaay at the top.  I’ve been wanting tan boots for awhile and so I went thru 40 some odd pages of boots on 6pm.com, chose at least 10 pair and narrowed it down to two. They have videos on their boots, close up shots and I’m thinking  I have a really good pair for $48.50…that was, until they arrived! Disappointed that the color description said “Tan” but they were more of a mustard color and they smelled of putrid plastic vs. leather was a turn-off (yea I missed the “man-made material” disclaimer). Too lazy to return em, I wore them and though they are my least fave, I get compliments on them…go figure!

Ignore the snacks, I'm featuring the vest...lol

Well fashionista’s, it’s good to be back and I promise more outfit pics to come, stay tuned for the 100th post give-away (for real, really!) it’s coming sooner than u think. Again, my apologies for being MIA, I have a lot of catching up to do! Thanks for not forgetting me and checkin in on me during my absence! Until tomorrow 😉

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14 thoughts on “99 Problems…

    • Hi Kara! Thank you but no..lol!

      I have been trying and I’ve been consistent in the workout but not so much on the food side. I do weigh myself and haven’t lost a thing! I’ll motivate myself and say it’s inches :-)!

    • Hey Ebony!! I thought about you and was surfing your blog during my hiatus. I had taken the weave out and was trying to find products to use to protect it from damage.

      I started to email you about leave-in conditioners…lol! My hair continues to grow between the sew-ins and the crochet hairstyles and I wanna follow a regimen of some sort…help! 🙂

  1. Welcome back my friend!! I was wondering what happened to you, but I see you have been keeping busy and you’re looking good gurl!!! 🙂

    I really like the vintage vest and those flare jeans, you got the whole 70’s vibe going on! Now I think the boots are cute, they go well with your outfit, but I understand the disappointment. You order something but when you get it it’s not what it looked like online. That makes me weary of online shopping, not really being sure of what an item is going to look like once you get it. I have a pair of slacks I ordered from online about 3 months ago that looked really cute online and they were on sale, but when I got them they looked NOTHING like what they had online. I like you was too lazy to send them back, so they are hanging in my closet. I might try to find a way to wear them since I did keep them. Shoot don’t need money going to waste!! 🙂

    Carsedra of:



    • Hey Carsedra!!! Glad to be back! Missed yall while I was gone – I’ll be over to check you out today — see what ya ben up to!

      Yea, I typically have pretty good experiences buying online but this was not so good but it could have been worse. If they would have been 30 bucks I wouldn’t have cared…lol!

    • Hey Rita!!! I keep getting compliments on those boots so I guess it’s not that bad!

      I always have terrible luck at thrift and consignment stores but lately I’ve been doing good! yay!!

    • Hi iVeronique! Thx for visiting and thx for the lovely compliments and blessings! After the semester is done I’m probably gonna need another hiatus…LOL!!

  2. Hi! I’m a newbie to your blog…love your style! That vest is really cute. I went “thrifting” last weekend; however, I didn’t find anything cute. Maybe next time 😦

    • Hi Carmen!! We have the same first name! (Lea is my middle name and it’s actually spelled Leah…lol).
      Do NOT feel bad, I’m a terrible thrifter, I never find any good items, but the more I go the luckier I become — keep at it! Thx for visiting and thx for all the nice comments 🙂

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